Mold Resistant Autoflower Strains at Crop King Seeds

mold resistant autoflower strains

Mold is one of the grower’s and users’ problems for their crop because it has the potential on ruining the crops. These mold-resistant autoflower strains feature genetics that makes them highly resistant to molds.

The molds are kind of fungus the usually decay dead organic matter, they can also give impact to the living things, such as plants and animals. These molds can be a big problem for the growers, especially to those growers who have damp and less airflow growing space. Molds usually have a white fuzz and are seen on flowers and leaves, and it is not a good sight for growers who can be halfway on their perfect healthy crops or on their cultivating.

There are a lot of ways of preventing the molds in your crops, the genetics can play a big role in it. However, some strain has grown the ability to resist mold, and here are the top 5 mold resistant autoflower strains at Crop King Seeds

Top 6 Mold Resistant Autoflower Strains

  • NYC Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

NYC Diesel is a sweet and pungent Sativa-dominant hybrid that has a Ruderalis. It has a fuel and citrus taste that gives a relaxing, full-body high. This strain is also great to grow outdoors and indoors, easy to grow plant that has dark green flowers and can enter the flowering stage in just 7 weeks. 

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It is the offspring of the two hardcore strain which is the Sour Diesel and Afghani, the NYC Diesel surely got its unbelievable buzz and potency to its parents. It has a THC level content that reaches 14.33%, which can consider a low to average THC percentage. 

This strain a 10% ruderalis, 40% Indica, and 50% Sativa, all because of its parents, this strain can be able to give the users a soothing, calming, and relaxing kind of high that makes the muscles and the whole body well-rested, with the mind being cool and clear. Also is strain is surprising mold-resistant autoflower strains that produce chunky, sweet, heavy buds that smells like petrol

  • Grandaddy Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Grandaddy Purple Feminized is the offspring of Purple Urkle and Big Buds, both strains have the ability to please the users and consumers. With their amazing taste and aroma featured and having generous yields, growers can never go wrong with this strain. This has a decent THC level content of 15% to 19% which makes this stand out. 

The Granddaddy Purple is an amazing strain for new smokers and growers. Grandaddy Purple Feminized is a 100% indica strain, and it is good to use at night time. If you want to have a peaceful night after work the Grandaddy Purple Feminized is the perfect strain for you. This strain can guarantees the users a relaxing and deep sleep with a calming, gentle buzz. 

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This strain is great for both new and experienced growers because it only takes 9 weeks to enter the flowering stage. Grandaddy Purple Feminized is a small but a bushy plant that can give you a very satisfying high yield. 

  • Super Lemon Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This Super Lemon Haze has a high THC level content that reaches up to 23% and a Sativa-dominant strain. This strain produces cheesy, citrus earthy flavors with a strong smell with the touch of spiciness and sweetness. This gives the user euphoric feelings that send through their brian that makes the users more energetic. 

The effects of this strain give the users a mental focus and relaxations, that uplift their spirits and allows them to have a happy vibe until the effects take off. This Sativa-dominant strain produces many medical benefits, such as reducing anxiety. A lot of people are suffering from anxiety attacks, but with this strain it makes them relieve any negative feelings and thoughts. The high THC content also helps the anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities the put off the pain. And indoor growing setup is enough for this strain. The feminized seeds have a great effect on the growing pattern the resulting in a great yield on this strain. 

  • Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blue Dream Feminized is one of the well-known strains that can be used in both medical and recreational purposes. This strain has become well-know for many reasons. Besides being unique from others, this strain is also known for its effect, incredible potency, and its therapeutic value. It’s an effective combination of Sativa and indica effects a lot of users feel the quick effect of the light mental enthusiasm that will, later on, turn into a deep and strong total relaxation. 

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Despite this, this strain can be ideal to use in the daytime, because it can make you really high but still can make you do things your own. You can be sociable, motivated, and productive after having the last toke. This strain has a touch of pine, grassy, and herbal aroma for both its flavor and aroma.

  • Power Plant Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Power Plant Feminized is perfect for the user during social occasions. This can give you the effects that you want when you want to socialize. This strain also can produce high when grown indoors. And has a THC level of 13% to 21%. 

This strain was originated from South Africa and can be found mostly in coffee shops in Amsterdam. A number one seller’s strain gained a lot of recognition and enormous popularity another the other strains. 

This strain is enjoyed by a lot of recreational users because of the effects that bring happiness and joy to the users. That makes them become talkative and be socialized.

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