Hydroponics Autoflowering Marijuana: Seed to Harvest in 70 Days or Less!

Propagation of autoflowering cannabis seeds with hydroponics (using just water instead of water and soil so that there’s less need to invest in land plots to grow plants) can allegedly be done in 70 days or less. Of course, with soil, it can go from germinating seedling to full-grown plant as soon as 45 days to as late as 90 days depending on the strain, so the hydroponic way might actually take longer to grow these plants (even quick-growing ones like the Quick One strain).

There are strains of autoflowering marijuana that you can grow faster on hydroponics and indoor growing than outside propagation with no control of sunlight cycles and lots of land (as well as fertilizer). Therefore, yes, hydroponics  does work on autoflowering marijuana development, although some strains are better at adapting to it than others, admittedly enough. When using hydroponics, you’re essentially feeding your cannabis plant’s roots directly to the nutrients and water itself. Just take note that there are precautions you should take to avoid getting the plant waterlogged.

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Does Marijuana Hydroponics Harvest Really Work in Growing Autoflowering Marijuana?

Depending on the strain, the right pH balance of the water full of fertilizer must be achieved. Then again, making it able to grow lush and full indoors is somewhat easier since you don’t have to regularly water them (they’re already being “fed” water directly, so to speak). Outdoor growth is problematic because auto-flowering marijuana, depending on the strain, tends to have lower yields and have a smaller size (12-20 inches or 30-50 centimeters) when compared to growing indoors. Other plants occupying the plot can sap them of nutrients as well since they’re sharing the same soil.

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Instead of waiting 8 to 10 weeks to harvest with a lower yield, you can wait the same amount of time with a higher yield using hydroponics on auto-flowering marijuana. This is particularly true if you use the fastest strains around (like Quick One or even Auto AK). More to the point, you can go from germination to full bloom in 50-75 days depending on the strain. What’s more, you only need an 18-hour light cycle with an auto-flowering cannabis strain when compared to regular strains that take 12-hour triggering.

If you thought that the more labor-intensive regular marijuana will pay dividends with your hard work by being more potent and tasty, you’re sadly mistaken. Auto-flowers can be nearly as flavorful and strong (with others giving you a Sativa high) as regular marijuana in optimum conditions and with the right pH of water for your hydroponic setup (since it varies from strain to strain).

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