Lowryder 2 Automatic Marijuana Strain – What you Need to Know

Lowryder 2 Automatic Marijuana Strain

Among the categorized automatic flowering cannabis strains, one of the most fast-paced and lightning quick cannabis seeds to have bred is the Lowryder 2 Automatic. A trivial fact about this specific strain is that it is deemed to be the successor of the Joint Doctor. The powerful taste and effect of Lowryder 2 has been gaining recognition to both breeders and smokers, as the strength of it has truly improved, the yield is admittedly moderate in comparison to other relative auto-flowering cannabis strain, and the flavor is enticing to smokers, all the while maintaining its unique character.

When it comes to its genetics, to be able to cultivate the variation of the Lowryder 2 Automatic, Santa Maria was infused. The bred of Santa Maria strain has the capacity to provide an exotic taste, the production of the resin nuggets are copious, and the effects have been reported to be quite mellow hybrid high, without any signs of causing paranoia. The genetics core of Lowryder 2 is branched from Indica and Sativa hybrid which is originally found in the areas of Brazil, thus, the name of Santa Maria is derived from the Brazilian culture. The effects can last for, more or less, 2 hours’ time.  Furthermore, for back pains and aches, the Lowryder 2 is effective.

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This is the specie of automatic flowering that is indeed fast, in terms of growth period and provides substantial yield. In the span of 8 weeks’, the process of germination until the fruition period is completed. It has also been considered to be dwarf cannabis specie, due to the fact that it can only reach about 60 to 80cm maximum, with the presence of a Christmas tree like form.  If the Lowryder 2 is being nurtured indoors, it has the capability to yield 300 g/m, while outdoors is 125g.

Where to Order Lowryder 2 Automatic Marijuana Seeds?

You can order Lowryder 2 Automatic marijuana seeds and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible from an online marijuana seed bank. There are a lot of marijuana seed banks out there that sell high quality marijuana seeds that can be shipped worldwide discreetly.

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