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The Lemon OG strain is one of their great works or considered as their masterpiece. It was made by crossing Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with the OG #18. The strain has a few outlying Kush relatives that may result from having scent or an aroma like a skunk. However, this specific strain is gentle tasting and blissful smelling with fruity undercurrents. Its tetrahydrocannabinol or THC level reaches within 17 and 24 percent which is normal with negligible cannabidiol or CBD at just 0.13 percent. 

Its Effects and Medical Use

Lemon OG has a more psychoactive effect than other cannabis but moreover, it has a few discernable medical benefits which make it an indeed more globally desirable stain. For the reason that Lemon OG has THC and CBD components, which is very helpful in dealing with different types of illnesses. These components used to help to cure various conditions such as in CBD it helps to aid, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, seizures, nausea, migraines, depression, and anxiety while THC helps to treat conditions such as glaucoma, muscle spasticity, insomnia, and low appetite. On the other hand, just like the CBD it also helps to cure nausea, anxiety, and pain.

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LEMON OG STRAIN Best Growing Location

To top it off, it’s as in case Lemon OG’s developing handle reflects its nature as a strain. It’s exceptionally simple to grow and low-maintenance. In order to have the most excellent scenario for growing maximum yield, you can grow it both outdoors or indoors. The maximum yields for outdoor are very liberal- around 35 ounces per plant. Growing outdoors in quality, complex soil brings out the tough lemon fragrance. This implies bolstering the soil with micronutrient, compost tea, and other micronutrient sources to keep the plant cheerful and healthy while blooming. 

The flowering time of this plant is eight to nine weeks and should be kept in a climate between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit while indoors growing end up with an essentially lower abdicate of up to 18 ounces per square meter planted. It has a flowering time of eight to nine weeks as well as the outdoors and grows better in natural soil than hydroponic developing mediums. While planting indoors used LED lights since it gives a handful of spectra, and can be fine-tuned to any wavelength. LEDs are less expensive because they last for years and give a bounty of brightness without breaking the bank. The plants can develop within the open ground or in a huge pot with soil. It is shrewd to have a few supplements at hand and the plausibility to donate additional water when required, don’t overdo it and may cause harm to the plant. Don’t use hydroponic growth mediums but instead used organic mediums such as organic soil.

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Strain Insights

Most of the people used this hybrid cannabis for its recreational effects such as relaxation, euphoria, being creative, having a focus, and cottonmouth but don’t overuse it for it may cause a bad affect on your health.

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