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Self-flowering cannabis strains are very famous for breeders and cultivators, they are quite easy to cultivate and to grow, and you are just be needing to rely not only on photoperiod but also you need to stay proportionally short and you need to handle it under some given pressure, like weather conditions. A lot of producers and cultivators really exerted themselves in order to have the best result out of Cannabis Ruderalis. If you are looking for the best and premium quality of autoflower strain, that contains unique traits, there is probably a perfect strain that will ensure you a great plant and indeed, can give you chance to have an impressive high yield. Take a look at the Top 3 of the largest yielding autoflower strain for you to choose for your next production and we exclusively gathered and collected just for you.

Top 5 of the Largest Yielding Autoflower Strain at Crop King Seeds

1.   Blue Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A lot of types of weeds can be consumed whether if it is for medical or recreational purposes. But in terms of medicinal use, cannabis can be a great help upon treating ailments or disorders.

But what is a Blue Cookies Strain? This is actually one of the best high-quality cannabis strains. Blue Cookies strain came from two combinations of strains, the Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. When used, Blue Cookies can give you a crippling blast of euphoria right to the brain, as it is from the offspring of such two best strains. It’s also recommended for beginners that they should use this cannabis strain carefully and be more cautious, due to the fact that it contains intense high and sedative side-effects.

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There are ways on how to cultivate and grow your cannabis perfectly. In order to attain the best weed, you must follow guidelines and tips on how to cultivate and grow weed perfectly. If you are a newbie, you may struggle on cultivating this Blue Cookie strain. You need to do clippings from a mature marijuana plant of this strain in order for you to contain the kind of weed you want. When you are about to do outdoor cultivating for this kind of strain, it’ll need a moderate to warm climate. Within the 9th or 10th weeks of cultivation, flowering does happen and for that moment, you must provide post or twigs in order to support its stems.

2.  Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Another autoflower strain on our list is the Northern Lights. This is one of the top-yielding autoflowers strains, its variety, indeed, Northern Lights is very common and classic among cannabis growers. Thanks to its well and perfectly controlled impact, the sweet smoke scent produces an impressive potency, Smoking Northern Lights can give you the best experience.

Northern Lights Autoflower strain has the perfect size for an autoflower. Northern Lights can be cultivated either, through outdoor or indoors. For an autoflower, Northern Lights Autoflowering can grow up to 120cm and it is given only 8 to 9 weeks for this strain to be harvested. More benefits given by this strain is that it can’t cause you trouble and no need for you to struggle a lot upon cultivating this kind of strain, in short, this kind of strain is really easy to grow, and you can’t easily go wrong for growing this strain. This contains great quality of strains and can give you outstanding yields.

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3. Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

This strain is strong in the concentration of THC, a well-balanced strain with other great attributes that can make you continue using it. This strain is also useful for anxiety, discomfort, and tension and for other ailments and illnesses; it is simply because this kind of strain is a well-balanced, high, and premium quality kind of strain, with stable genetics, which is good for marijuana cultivators and breeders.

Girl Scout Cookies is the outcome of the crossbreed of the two strains which is Durban Poison and OG Kush. The cultivators and breeders will now produce this seed for a whole year with the raise of an autoflowering strain. Growers will search for credible pot seedbanks to procure clones, but it is given that the strain’s success is not a simple task with the Girl Scout Cookies. If you are about to purchase high-standard genetic clones, consumers are naturally promised a safe and powerful crop of Girl Scout Cookies until they screw up the seed ‘s growing process.

Maintaining the appropriate temperature is only one simple part of the growing method. The heat allows the plant to get certain methods with issues. It is advised that the Girl Scout Cookies Strain Autoflower is needed to expose into the dry air during its flowering period in order to maximize the production of trichomes and reduce the chance of developing molds.

4.  Blueberry Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Autoflower Strain on Blueberry has a high THC point and one of the largest yielding autoflower strain. This strain is very common to marijuana growers and widely appreciated strain for wide-ranging self-flowering properties that lead to easily produced and sustained small plants. It is a simple plant to produce yet has many medicinal properties. This strain can also help cure diseases and ailments. Even though it is not a suitable strain to use when heading out to work or doing some task, it is safer to use this strain when going to bed to feel calming benefits that are also beneficial for certain medical conditions. The strain is suitable for high impact body and extreme stoning.

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Choosing Blueberry Autoflowering Strains to be cultivated is such a great decision to be done, not only because, they are easy to grow in just 8-9 weeks, also it can grow with a height of 75cm indoors and can be cultivated outdoors. Once cultivated and with proper guidelines upon growing this strain, Blueberry Strains can give you a fast and an excellent yield.

5.  Nebula Strain

Last but not least on our list is the Nebula Strain. This strain is very common and the number one option for smokers, because of its sweet taste and of its scent like honey. The name itself is based on its appearance in which, it has a lot of trichomes and is dense, and a very frosty appearance. That is why it is named after the frosty star- Nebula.

This strain is best to be cultivated outdoors. Its THC level can reach up to 19%. When consumed, this type of strain has a slow effect, but it hits you first with a high, and it slowly précising down until you will feel comfortable.

The fact about this strain is, this is low-maintenance and doesn’t require much to harvest excellent buds is why most growers are attracted to develop this type of strain. This is one of the largest yielding autoflower strain.

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