Jock Horror AutoFlowering Strain

jock horror autoflowering

The Jock Horror Autoflowering cannabis is very different with other hybrids of cannabis strain dual transformation. It is for the reason that Jock Horror Autoflowering strain is a result of the cross combination three finest marijuana strains which are Skunk, Northern Light, and Haze.

Northern Light, which is a white trichosomes strain, is considered to be the root of all of its type. It is also one of the uppermost, soft, pure indica marijuana strains. On the other hand, Haze, which is considered a cannabis plant of sativa group, originated in Jamaica. Skunk, among the three, is the most famous marijuana strain that is really useful through its unique properties. The three cannabis forms combined forces and produced one of the preferred fusions among all of the cannabis strains. This is known as the Jock Horror Autoflowering Strain.

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Jock Horror autoflowering strain flowers quicker than other marijuana stains. It usually begins three to five weeks subsequently with the germination process. The growth span will still be affected by light power and period. This marijuana auto flowering strain also produces good amount of resin. These resins gleam with THC glands. The flowering span of this Jock Horror auto flowering stain is reduced by one to three weeks faster than those that belong to regular strains. The plant also has medium thin leaves. Its thin leaves have dense buds which can also be planted in soil. It can even produce buds up to 500 grams per square meters.


Furthermore, the Jock Horror autoflowering strain produces a fresh and attracting smell. It has a flowery taste and a little bit of sugary and acrid after tastes. It also gives a prevailing and great ring to its consumers. Normally, this auto flowering strain is refined out-of-doors with a Mediterranean environment type.

For growers, Jock Horror autoflowering strain can be flowered without compliance to its photo-period.

Genetics :Mostly Sativa
Climate :Indoor / Outdoor
Yield :400-500 g/m2
Height :200-300 cm
Flowering :7 – 9 weeks
Effect :High with cerebral and heady effect
THC level :24%
Grow :Easy – Moderate


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