What is Jack Herer Strain Autoflower?

jack herer strain autoflower

Jack Herer Strain Autoflower is one of the most popular photoperiod strain since the last couple of years when the autoflowers became the most popular among the new growers. Breeders have mixed-breed the original Jack Herrer with the ruderalis genetics resulting in auto Jack Herer. This plant is a center of the ranger grower with the standard growth and standard yield, but it is a good thing that it’s not like those bonsai plants and not power auto that will grow big. Jack Herer can give you 120 grams per plant and the height of this plant usually reaches 40-90cm. 

Growing  Jack Herer Strain Autoflower

Auto Jack Herer is a plant that is easy to grow and always has a great result that can satisfy the growers. You can plant Jack Herer both outdoors and indoors with just enough light, even the first time growers can get a great yield from this plant. This autoflowering strain takes 65-80 days from germination phase til harvest time depending on the condition of the environment and the genetics of the buds.

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There some that can be harvest early on the 65 and some good buds can harvest on day 75; so the standard age is about 70 days till harvest. And because of the rapid autoflower strain, Jack Here can produce more yield up to 120 grams per plant in its best-growing condition but the usual yield that the Jack Here can give is about 20-60 grams per plant.

If you use a small pot and CFL lights the yield can reduce, but still can give you a couple of dry grams until the end of your plant growth. It is a good strain for new growers because of it’s very resistant to pest and also can tolerate stress, caused by the new growers who don’t have the experience, like overwater or under or sometimes less of nutrients. You can also use the LST method or HST  like topping if you want the best outcome with an organic growth without any experience. 

Auto Jack Herer can be grown both outdoors and indoors, as well as hydroponically system, soil, and soil-mixed, but you can always get the best outcome from the hydroponic system although it needs a lot of equipment and experience in growing. For the first time growers, they can just put the seeds in the soil that has 2 or 3 gallons pot and after the first seedling growth stage start to add ¼ nutrients and you can have a fine harvest after more than 2 months.  

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Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer autoflowering strain is a Sativa-dominant plant that has 30% indica, 30%ruderalis genetics, and 40%sativa, that give Jack Herer the advantage of being an autoflowering plants that give a great yield to the grower. The parent of Jack Herer plant is a crossbreed of Haze plants and Northern Lights that has strong genetics and have great growth.

Nowadays you can discover different Jack Herer autoflowering seeds from other seedbanks like Female Seeds, Advanced Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds, and the  Greenhouse Seeds although you need to look around before purchasing these seeds. Although the first Jack Herer strain was made in honor of the marijuana activist with the same name who made one of the top-selling cannabis book “ The Emperor Wear No Clothes”, also called as the Emperor of Hemp. This autoflowering strain crossbreed is a great legacy to a strain with humble and fine heritage. 

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Smell and Smoke of Jack Herer

Jack Herer Automatic will start to smell as the pre-flower stage start and you need to put a carbon filter or filtering mechanism to cover that herbal and skunk smell. As the harvest time approaches the smell of the Jack Here will be more intense and even after you harvest you will still be able to smell the odor that the plant created. The smoke of Jack Here will make your head high as well as a body high and even after you use it. You will be able to experience a very high feeling and a fine surge of energy and after 20 to 30 minutes you’ll start the feeling of a body high that will push you down and you’ll start to enjoy the feeling of it. 

Although the flavor of the  Jack Herer Strain Sutoflower is close to the first non-automatic Jack Herer Strain that has spicy and herbal taste, only has a low THC content, Jack Herre will be mellow and better for the first time users.

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