Jack Herer Autoflowering Cannabis Strain

As assessed by most growers, the Jack Herer Autoflowering Cannabis has been considered to be one of the best sativa ever with the best genetic types. One should know that the production of its resin is very much impressive because right at the very beginning of the flowering time of the Jack Herer Automatic flowering, the plant already shows some great trichomes with very huge and lightly colored triconas. As compared from other cannabis, the Jack Herer Auto flowering has unbelievably dense buds that are long and fragrant.

Knowing More of Jack Herer Autoflowering Cannabis

It has that distinct aroma of having a woody undertone to it with a dominant spicy smell.  The main reason why it is termed as the Jack Herer Automatic flowering is probably because it is initially named after a great man who tirelessly made various advocate works that were all geared towards the legalization of the cannabis. Not only was he an activist but he also invested this strain as well – thus, the name Jack Herer automatic flowering.

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Even though this cannabis plant is particularly auto flowering in nature, one should know that this strain may be grown anywhere. Right after this is being germinated, such plant may be able to grow quickly and rapidly that you won’t be having trouble waiting for its flowering period. Usually, it can be harvested at around 10 weeks.

Jack Herer auto-flowering is actually a mix of the Northern Lights, Skunk and the Haze. It gives that relaxing and highly sedating stone. The smoke has a fresh and yet smooth flavor to it and you can almost even taste the herbal spice merely from its aroma.

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Given the fact that it does not really grow that long, it is very much ideal for discreet growers especially if you don’t want to inform your friends and neighbors that you are growing one. Beginners and experts alike may enjoy growing this particular strain.

Where to Buy Jack Herer Automatic Seeds?

You can order marijuana seeds on the internet including Jack Herer Automatic and other high quality strains. There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks where you can order some high quality seeds for growing indoors and outdoors. Make sure to find a reputable seed bank with high positive number of reviews.

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