Is it Legal to Legalize of Marijuana?

marijuana legalization

Marijuana is a drug that is constantly being a trend to talk about on social media. There is constant debate on whether it should legalize marijuana or not. Also, If it should be legalized marijuana, there would be many discussions, how do they make it possible and work. All these concerns are things the government takes into account every time. In the United States, marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug. In recent years, many states have legalized marijuana for recreational, medical marijuanana, or both purposes. However, the federal government and several states also consider possession, selling, or drug use illegal.  In this article, you will learn about marijuana legalization where you can figure out how it is made? or how it is should be legalized?

What are the justifications for legalization? According to a legal, medical cannabis review, marijuana legalization could increase use, especially among minors. Legalization, on the other hand, has had the opposite effect due to strong education and regulation. There is a big divide between people’s opinions on this matter. Some people think it should not, others think it should be, and some think it should be with some useful changes. When you consider the benefits, there is no doubt that marijuana should be legal anywhere in the world. There are a lot of good things which could come from making it legal. 

Why Should We Pursue Marijuana Legalization?

The reason should be allowed marijuana legalization is because some other drugs are legal. Marijuana is one of the few non-harmful drugs that is prohibited. Many hard drugs such as pain relievers, heroin, and cocaine are extremely harmful to your health and, in some cases, even your life. Should not put marijuana under the same category as these drugs. It should be under the category that includes cigarettes, sugar, and even alcohol. This marijuana is more commonly related to weed than hard drugs. Also, cigarettes and alcohol are more harmful to a person than marijuana. That’s why some don’t understand how the policy on marijuana is not equal if not more favored than the policies on cigarettes and alcohol. Even sugar is potentially more harmful to one’s health than marijuana in several ways. Marijuana is a drug that is a lot harder and safer to overdose than alcohol. That’s why many can’t understand why marijuana is not legal and alcohol is. Marijuana, like all other drugs, should be treated fairly in the legal system considered to be in the same group. It is necessary to alter the policy.

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Benefits of Marijuana

Should allow marijuana legalization for both recreational and medicinal use across the world. According to the nurse practitioner who is strongly committed to patient advocacy, there are too many proven beneficial uses of marijuana for legalization to be obstructed any longer.  Clearly, the use of medical marijuana is necessary. Patients need physical or mental pain management options for severe or neuropathic pain. It is past time to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. For example, cannabidiol oil can be good to the patients better than what we do currently on the market for seizure or pain control, health care provides treatment to the patients that have symptoms of illness. Indeed, we must learn more about marijuana and conduct thorough research. Most of the patients are seeking relief feelings despite inflexible action. This major concern guided by FDA legalization can be addressed and the banning of marijuana can be diverted to money away from the well-known country. Also, it is unlawful and dangerous for the individual to seek it. Legalizing marijuana would allow for appropriate taxation and a marketplace for creative enterprise. Thousands of products are produced from hemp, and it can be grown anywhere quickly. With other countries increasing marijuana, our country has yet another import/export opportunity. Finally, becoming more open to this marijuana.  That was the place where we needed to start. Persuaded us to change our minds after having honest communication with patients.

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Keep Children Safety

The reason should allow marijuana legalization is to keep children off of more harmful drugs and streets. In many cases, they could sell marijuana from dealers who also sell hard drugs. Besides, if marijuana were legal and correctly sold in a store, it would stop children from getting into the drug dealing business. It will also assist children in staying away from other drugs that dealers would sell and offer. They would be less motivated to sell to their friends and colleagues. If the policy changed and sold in stores, it would stop children from selling altogether. Being a drug dealer would be a lot less profitable, and that would put a stop to a lot of drug dealers and help clean up the streets. Marijuana is going to be sold in any case, so you should sell it legally. If it changed the policy and sold marijuana legally, it would keep children out of extreme danger and make it more difficult to be a drug dealer.

Reduces the use of prescription drugs

Studies have shown that medical marijuana has few side effects in contrast to painkillers, and patients who used marijuana for medical purposes feel better overall. Oxycodone and Opioids, such as Morphine, are pain relievers that can become addictive and harmful if misused. Overdose is almost non-existent for medical marijuana, making it a healthy alternative to prescription medications. With medical marijuana, an overdose is almost non-existent, making it a safe alternative to prescription drugs. National health leaders have discussed reducing conventional painkillers due to opioid risk factors. Because of the low risks and high benefits, they are making medical marijuana a viable option.

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Medical benefits of marijuana

There is a common belief that marijuana has harmful effects on human health. While some of this may be true, the plant is treated, and the conditions it is administered are essential for health benefits. Conventional medical professionals have successfully used it to treat arthritis, AIDS, anorexia, and even cancer in some countries. Studies show that we can use marijuana to treat insomnia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. From the preceding discussion, it is clear that the advantages of legalizing medical marijuana are considerable. As a result, states that have not approved marijuana for medicinal purposes should change their laws to allow medical professionals to use it to benefit their patients.

Alcohol and tobacco are far more harmful

The case for the prohibition of alcohol has already been tried. And, based on the experience of the drug war, legislators seem to have gained nothing from that kind of failed experiment. Since tobacco has highly harmful impacts and no advantages, tobacco restriction is generally much stronger than the case for marijuana prohibition. Furthermore, it is difficult to overdose on marijuana since a lethal dosage would require consuming 20,000 to 40,000 times the THC level average in a single joint. Marijuana also has a lower addictive potential than other drugs.

Final Thoughts

All in all, marijuana legalization should be allowed, and change the policy as soon as possible. There is too much benefit to be gained by changing the policy not to do so. Many people support a policy change, and the government should need to do the same. Marijuana has the potential to make this world a better place for its people in a variety of ways. The government’s primary concern is public health, so they might be hesitant to legalize it. According to studies, marijuana has few health risks and may even have some health benefits. Another justification the policy should be modified is how much medical marijuana will improve our government’s funding and justice system.

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