Is it Possible to Grow Autoflowering Marijuana seeds using Hydroponics Method?

The answer to the question is yes. Hydroponics is a method in agriculture that facilitates growth of plants in an inert growing media, such as water and nutrients, other than the cultivated soil. Just like any other plants, the autoflowering cannabis seeds can also be grown in a no soil environment such that water and essential nutrients are provided accordingly.

What is the Advantage in Growing Cannabis Through Hydroponics?

The traditional method of growing autoflowering cannabis seeds is quite laborious especially for those strains that need aeration in their roots. With hydroponics marijuana, cannabis growers will not worry about the soil type they are going to use. Nutrition levels are controlled in hydroponics set up and the water flow goes along the system so there is no greater requirement for these essentials. Because of this systematic condition, the distribution of water and nutrients is the same so the actual yield is accurate with your estimation. The process is progressive and it does not show risks for pests and diseases because the hydroponics system is mobile.

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If it Does Not Use Soil, what Growth Media Can Be Used in Hydroponics?

Indeed hydroponics is a soil-less method but there is nothing to worry about it because there are several types of growth media that can be utilized for hydroponics. Hence, cannabis plants are also made of 80-90% water and the rest are nutrients so the hydroponic solution is more than enough to supply these needs. One popular growth medium used in this method is Rockwool. Rockwool is a synthetic fiber that can hold up large amounts of air and water, which makes it the best option for hydroponic needs. Expanded clay pellets are also a good choice. These clay pellets retain the moisture needed by the growing cannabis plant and these so-called “grow rocks” are actually reusable.

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Other than Rockwool and expanded clay pellets, coconut fiber or coco coir is also good to use. These fibers contain natural hormones that aid in the sprouting of the germinating cannabis seeds. It also holds up moisture effectively and it does not allow fungal and bacterial growth. It is a long-lasting type of growth medium, has high water absorption capacity, and a neutral pH, which is beneficial for the growing cannabis plant. Perlite, peat moss, vermiculite, expanded mica, pumice, and sawdust are other examples of growth media that you can use for hydroponics. The choice of medium may depend upon the seed’s growth preference.

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