How to Prune Cannabis Autoflower Plants?

prune cannabis autoflower plants

If you are an investor trying to look for ways to grow your own marijuana business, it might be the right time to start growing your own plant and how to prune cannabis autoflower plants. Just remember that before you start to bulk buy cannabis seeds, never sow any seeds that might get you in trouble in your state. This way, everything will be smooth sailing for your business and it will eventually hit the jackpot.

A good cannabis cultivator will always have a desire for a good yielding plant, a good recommendation is to put it on the ground using deep humus-rich soil and use autoflowering seeds. Although these are proven ways to effectively increase yield, there are also methods that growers can use. One of which is pruning their plants. 

What is Pruning?

The pruning method is basically cutting or trimming a part of the plant so that it can direct its strength to other parts that will allow the absorption of light easily. The cultivator will have to acknowledge the fact that not all parts of the plant can be pruned, one crucial mistake might lead to the plant not growing buds, thus wasted time and effort. 

When to Start Pruning your Cannabis Plant?

Once you have decided to bulk buy autoflowering cannabis seeds, the next assumption is for these seeds to produce a yield that will earn you a big profit. The good thing for autoflowering cannabis seeds is that they will enter the flowering stage earlier than other cannabis strains, but if you are going to prune cannabis autoflower plants, always remember to take it a step earlier than the flowering stage.

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After observing your plant and you see that it has a bushy shape, this is the best time to start pruning. Proper training can be given to young plants to ensure that they reach this bushy shape. When the plant is still young, make sure that it is narrow enough so it will receive sufficient light exposure. Pruning should be done at the vegetative stage, you should anticipate that by pruning, you are giving the plant slight stress and it should be given a few days to recover.

By pruning early, you are allowing the plant enough time to recover and grow bigger leaves eventually. Never force your plant into the flowering phase at least three days after you have pruned them as this will just sacrifice the quality of the buds it will produce. 

Pruning Cannabis Plant Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Look for non-productive branches located at the lower part of the plant and cut them. Make sure to do this early, while your plant is still young. You can cut the branches along with their leaves, although it will be alright if you decide to keep the branches on the plant. But once the cannabis plant reaches the flowering phase, you’ll be seeing fewer buds on them. This small process allows the plant to give focus on the taller and more productive branches. Expected growth and even an increase in yield will be observed in the latter part of the plant’s life.
  2. Always employ cautiousness when cutting the branches. Never use dull scissors and don’t even think about cutting the branches with your bare hands. Imagine the kind of stress you will be giving the plant if the branches are not properly cut. What we are after is a nice, clean snip that only sharp scissors can do.
  3. Look for dying or dead leaves. As your plants grow bigger, the upper leaves will also be bigger thus the lower leaves will not receive enough sunlight for them to grow properly or even die. You should not wait for the lower leaves to turn yellow and just cut them off immediately, by doing this, the upper leaves will benefit from it through concentration of nutrients on them.
  4. Examine the area limitations of where you are going to place your cannabis plant. Check if it will only allow certain vertical and horizontal limitations. By knowing the limitations, you will know how to prune cannabis autoflower plants t so it will get maximum light to the part of the plant that needs focus.
  5.  You have the option to cut the top part of the plant. It may seem shocking for some since pruning gives focus on the top part of the plant, but the top colas (flowering site of the female plant) actually have a nutrient stored in them that somehow prevents the growth of lower branches. Once the top colas are cut, the rest of the plant flourishes. This too can help you in producing a high yield from the cannabis plant.
  6. Never coerce your plant into the flowering stage after the top part has been cut. It is always best to give it time to recover. After 4-5 days, you may now force your cannabis plant to flower and you should be able to see a high yield after.
  7. Lastly, never ever cannabis autoflower plants during the flowering stage. During this stage, your plant is already growing rapidly and you don’t want to cause it a lot of stress. You might get away with cutting a few dead leaves or unproductive branches but any extensive pruning will only cause more harm than good. 
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Is it necessary to bulk buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds to be used for Pruning?

Cannabis growers these days are very willing to try every method they see and hear to make sure to get a high yield. Bulk buying autoflowering cannabis seeds might seem a good idea as it increases your chances of getting higher yield and possibly bigger income at a lower spent investment since buying in bulk can give discounts. But truth be told that not everyone is going to be successful in pruning cannabis plants.

It will take a lot of practice and plant training to ensure a favorable result from pruning. It’s not impossible yes, but if you happen to buy marijuana seeds, always verify if pruning will actually work on a certain marijuana strain. You can always do a trial pruning on the plants and work your way on mastering how to do it properly.

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