How Should I Start Out My Grow from Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

how to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds

Auto-flowering seeds may grow a great yield when it is planted well and using the germinating autoflowers method.  One can experiment with growing marijuana seeds on moist cotton. This one of the best ways on how to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds which have been used by many planters even before.  The steps in doing it are as simple as these. First, place the moist cotton inside the basin and arrange the germinating autoflowers Cannabis seeds in there. Leave it for three days inside the place with room temperature.  After three days, check them and you will see that the Cannabis seeds have sprouted.  That is the time to pick them up one by one carefully and transplant them to regular size pots.

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How to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds moist cotton inside the basin?

If the basin with moist cotton where the Cannabis seeds are heated, the cotton gets dry and the Cannabis seeds will also get dry and it will not sprout and grow.  Since there are no sprouts, this only means that the seeds have died. So, if that happens, you will just be wasting your seeds, time, money, and effort and you can never have seedlings for that auto-flowering Cannabis seeds.

Growing such kinds of seeds needs proper training because if you will just plant it anywhere, the yield will be affected.  If you want to get high yields, you need to be careful about the process of growing them although Cannabis can grow, somehow, the quality of its growth will be affected.

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What if you will plant the Cannabis seeds directly on the soil?

How to grow autoflowering marijuana seeds? If you are to plant the seeds directly on the soil, a greater possibility that it will not grow is clearly to happen because the soil has different organisms, and remember, you are planting seeds, and since they are just seeds, the different organisms may have their bite.  The worms, the ants, and other soil organisms will be very happy to see auto-flowering marijuana seeds that they can consume.  So, you must make the seeds sprout first before you transplant them into the soil for a surefire yield.  Since the purpose of planting auto-flowering Cannabis is to grow them, why not try the safest way to grow them so that you can have a good harvest and you can repeat the cycle by saving some seeds from your harvest?  By doing this, you can be sure of a good harvest.

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