How to Get Rid of Spider Mites During Flowering?

spider mites late into flowering

Spider mites are tiny arachnids that can harm your autoflowering cannabis plants. Allowing these pests to multiply during the flowering period can severely harm the yield rate of your marijuana plants. Know how to get rid of  spider mites late into flowering.

It is important to take action against these pests before they become a threat to your plants. Fortunately, you have many ways of dealing with spider mites and other pests when growing autoflowering seeds

Using Neem Oil for Spider Mites Late into Flowering

The first solution to consider is neem oil, an organic insecticide spray that many gardeners utilize. The oil is an extract of neem tree seeds. The extract is also a useful ingredient for medications and cosmetic. 

What makes neem oil work against spider mites is its chemical compound that stresses the creature’s hormonal balance. The oil disrupts their biological functions such as eating, mating, and egg production. However, the oil will hardly affect your autoflowering plants. 

Make sure to get liquid solutions that are composed of at least 70 percent to 100 percent neem oil. Mix two tablespoons of the oil with a gallon of water and pour to a spray bottle. Spray all parts of the plant, including the bottom branches and leaves. 

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Using Mite Predators for spider mites late into flowering

Fighting fire with fire is another approach to dealing with spider mites late into flowering by inviting other beneficial insects to your garden. Certain creatures that eat insects and pests while leaving your leaves alone.  One example is the popular ladybug. 

Take note that you not only have to consider how to get a ladybug to come to your garden, you also want it to stay for a long time. Two things can attract ladybugs: certain pests and pollen. Pests or mites are the ones you want the ladybugs to get rid. Instead, you will want the beneficial insects to have the kind of pollen they normally eat when your plants no longer have any spider mites. 

Three kinds of plants with pollens that ladybugs want too much on and leave you too want to eat. These are chives, cilantro, and fennel. Simply have these plants growing alongside your autoflowering cannabis seeds to attract ladybugs. 

If no ladybugs find their way to your garden, you can choose to buy some from local shops. Take note that you will want to make them see your garden as a good place to build a home. Make sure to include a good source of water for the insects. A good way to do this is to place them in your ref for up to eight hours. This will make them sluggish, but not kill the insects. The sluggish bugs will take the time to see that your garden is suitable for their eggs. 

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Do not worry about deterring ladybugs if you are using neem oil on your plants. The seed extract will hardly affect the insects since they do not eat the treated leaves. 

Mite Repelling Plants

While covering the subject of adding beneficial plants, other plants have a natural pest repelling trait. This is due to the essential oil that the fruit or herbs the plant grows. One example is coriander that grows herbs with a tart flavor. Dill is another example that grows yellowish flowers and leaves. 

You can cultivate both coriander and dill alongside your autoflower plants. The aroma of the two plant’s essential oil is enough to keep spider mites away. You do not have to harvest the coriander or dill plant to create an organic repellant spray. However, you can use the herbs and seeds as ingredients for your meals. 


Mites thrive in warm environments, including most marijuana breeder’s garden. Spider mites also prefer indoor areas. Barely any winds make it within these areas that can break apart their webbed shelter. 

You can deter spider mites late into flowering from your garden by having a ventilation system. This usually involves having a rotating fan to deliver cool air towards your autoflowering plants. Not only will the fan cool down the area, but it will also blow strong windows onto the branches to prevent mites from building their shelter. 

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Water and Rubbing Alcohol

Another way of deterring the mites from building its webbed colony is to spray the plants with water. A simple spray bottle or even a hose is enough to remove the web. 

Take note that using only water will not get rid of the spider mite’s eggs. Attempting to remove them with a strong spray might only damage the plant. A good way to kill the eggs is to mix one part rubbing alcohol to nine parts water. The mixture should be strong enough to get rid of both the mites and eggs. 

Avoid spraying your buds with the alcohol mixture. This can change the taste of the strain should it be exposed to the rubbing alcohol. 

You now know how to remove spider mites late into flowering during their flowering period. It pays to protect your cannabis plants at all times from any pests. The buds they produce are beneficial and are less hazardous as other food or drinks. Bill Murray got it right when he said: “It is ironic that the only thing that makes marijuana dangerous is when people get caught using or possessing it.”

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