How Does it Feel After Smoking Revolver Cannabis Strain?

revolver cannabis strain

A strain to die for. The Revolver cannabis strain is one of the most beloved strains that stoners are willing to invest their money. This strain gives a one of a kind cannabis experience that takes you even to heavens!

Finding the perfect marijuana strain to achieve euphoria is -+*not an easy road. Some people spend their time experimenting strain after strain and buy different weeds to take their curiosity on every strain.

Whereas, some people just prefer cultivating and purchasing seeds for it to easily access cannabis fantasy every time they wanted. That is why the Revolver cannabis strain is in demand in various seed banks. In this article, we’ll get to know more about this particular strain, its effects after using, and its cultivation process. If you’re tuned in, then scroll down below to find out for more!

Profile Description for Revolver Strain

This hybrid is a combination of three types of cannabis varieties. Nonetheless, it is Indica dominant with 70%, then ruderalis at 20%, and Sativa at 10%. This strain is crossbred in Spain from two cannabis hybrid varieties including the NY City Diesel and the White Widow.

The NY Diesel having a THC content of 18% is said to be a mixture from three strains, the Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian. It’s highly resistant to molds and any disease, suitable cultivation on warm and sunny weather.

On the other hand, the White Widow is an originally bred strain, famous during the ’90s to early 2000s. The strain has a THC content of 18-22%, easy to grow with extreme support against any disease as well. This strain is often used for breeders as parent genetics to produce other strains. Nevertheless, both strains are quite popular for their convenient cultivation and naturally intoxicating flavor.

Unlike its parent strains, the Revolver cannabis strain is less potent. It has a THC content with a range of 12 to 15%. It contains also small amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN. Likewise, it contains a 0.1% CBD and 4.2% CBN respectively.

Cultivation of Revolver Strain

Generally, the strain is referred to as an autoflowering strain growing in an average height of 3.5 feet (106.68 cm) most suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Most preferably, the plant is grown indoors for its small stature and easy camouflage nature. It’s easily kept hidden and grown anywhere with its flexible nature and high resistance to any molds or diseases.

Being an auto-flowering strain, the Revolver grows in a short period. In a span of seven to eight weeks, you’ll be able to harvest buds into it. This is two weeks shorter than the average for an auto-flowering cannabis strain which is ten weeks. Upon harvesting, you’ll be able to obtain a great bud yield of about 150 grams to 250 grams. This amount ain’t bad anymore for an auto-flowering strain whom we knew that doesn’t produce a lot of buds during its flowering state.

Similarly to any auto-flowering strain, exposure to a high amount of sunlight or grow lights is not a necessity. However, if you want your cannabis strain to reach a maximum THC content and bud yield, then it’s best to maximize it. The most suitable hourly ratio for light to dark cycle is about 18:6.

Effects Upon and After Usage

The name of this taken by a type of handgun with a similar name. Nonetheless, breeders had compared its effect to the ‘shot’ taken by this gun. This strain is oozing with euphoria that could even take for hours. Though low with THC content, its cannabinoid combination makes it a cannabis pleasure to most of its users.  

Likewise, the effect of this strain would be felt all through your body. It was described delivering ‘a body buzz and Stoney high’ respectively.

This Spanish bred cannabis strain has a bit similar flavor to its parent strain, the NY Diesel. Likewise, it has a lemon and citrusy aroma that we’ll take your breath away. Other than that, the cannabis strain has medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Its often used to treat alternatively various illnesses and conditions such as appetite loss and pain management.

Aside from that, the strain is used for sedation and sensation reduction. This strain is said to be the most efficient and recommended for evening use. It is said to be relaxing, comfortably created to keep you in a good night’s sleep while taking its effects to another new level.


The Revolver ain’t no perfect recipe for total euphoria. Though, it’s a practical option for favorable cultivation. It’s easy to grow and resistant to any disease or molds. Moreover, it’s short of stature and grows in less time. Nevertheless, the unique feature of this strain is that it produces a greater amount of buds comparable even to Sativa strains.

This strain does deliver you a concrete ‘euphoria’ and may even last for hours. Though, it won’t give you very strong effects as compared to other strains that were being sold now. This is excellent for mildly regular consumption and convenient accessibility since it could be specially planted while getting concealed into your place. With its bud yield, the strain could also be good to start a cannabis business.  

Overall, this ultra-macho strain makes you still high. It’s a strong candidate for those who want to get started with cannabis cultivation. It’s an excellent practice with its flexible growing conditions. Also, Revolver cannabis seeds are easy to be found and available to multiple cannabis stores or dispensaries.

Nonetheless, if you want to be very high, then better find another strain to use. However, there’s nothing to lose if you try it. It could be a perfect strain for longing cannabis desires. Take a shot now with the Revolver!

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