The Highest Yielding Autoflower Strains 2020 from Crop King Seeds

highest yielding autoflower strains 2020

Autoflowering marijuana strains are very popular for a lot of reasons; this plant can grow very fast, don’t depend on the photoperiod, and easy to grow the plant, though this plant is very short yet it can thrive in both warm and cold weather and also gives a highest yielding autoflower strains 2020.

If you’re searching to grow a hybrid Sativa and a quick flowering indica, there is surely an autoflowering strain that can assure you a good plant that can offer you amazing quality marijuana and even more great impressive high yield. 

Since the establishment of the first-ever autoflowering marijuana strain, a lot of growers and breeders have worked so hard to bring the best out of the marijuana ruderalis and while on a few years ago the autoflowering marijuana strains, are seen as an easy growing plant but still low-quality plants that would produce lesser yields. Thew new generation of the autoflowering marijuana strains is amazing and of them lived as well as normal regular and feminized plants. 

TOP 5 Highest Yielding Autoflower Strains 2020 from Crop King Seeds

1. Northern Lights Autoflowering

The Northern Lights Automatic strain can be ready to harvest at more or less 10 weeks after the germination took place. This plant can thrive in both cold and mild climates. That only means the growers can easily and successfully grow this strain in either indoor environment, where it can grow at an expected height of 120 cm and can flourish outdoors with the height that can reach around 160 cm. If this strain is grown in good condition, expect and very insane amounts of buds it can produce. However, it can still give the growers resinous buds even if not under not so great conditions. 

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The high generated from using this marijuana strain is usually a head high, with uplifting and cerebral effects. This strain is a good choice to boost during an active day, especially before on a creative project. 

2. Auto Mazar

The Auto Mazar is an impressive strain and not an easy autoflowering marijuana strain that grows at a quick rate and produces a fanatics yields. It is a flexible marijuana strain and can survive well in a variety of growing environments from the soil and to the hydroponic system.

This strain is the offspring of the Mazar, a marijuana strain obtain from the pure Afghan, and Skunk genetics, giving this strain strong indica characteristics. This strain is now given with ruderalis genetics to products an autoflowering version in the market. 

Auto Mazar can thrive in both outdoors and indoors environments very well, and will also appear a desirable outcome when cultivated or grown in a greenhouse. The marijuana strain can be expected to be ready for harvest time around 10 weeks.

3. Critical Kush Autoflowering

Critical Kush Autoflowering is an indica-dominant strain, and a lot of people love this strain because of its THC content ranging from 14-20%. This strain has a lot more to offer, besides those. Critical Kush is a good entertainer that you can use when you so stressed and tired. 


With just a few take of this strain is enough to enjoy the indica effect and mixed tastes that only the indica can offer. The notes of sweet, pine, woody, and lemon will be mixed along with the rich smoked made by the flowers when they are burned. 

Critical Kush is not recommended strain for beginners, easy because this strain has the nature of the Critical Mass when it comes to growing and cultivation. This strain diesn;t grow tall. Though it tends to be very bushy and can develop branches later on. 

4. Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Moby Dick Feminized is a well-known marijuana Sativa-dominant strain and most-celebrated. It is the offspring of the indica and Sativa genetics line which is the Haze and the White Widow. This feminized marijuana seed is known to grow in both indoors and outdoors in temperate climates and Mediterranean-style. This can strain can also survive with many lights while its counter to the molds. It can start to flower in between 6 to 7 days when grown indoors and can produce a great yield of 650 grams.

This strain can be ready to harvest in the mid or late month of October when grown outdoors and can grow with the height of 3.5 meters tall. Its scent features can be complex, including noble wood, floral, and lemon. This strain has indica-leaning features that can be sometimes sweeter. Its taste is widely the same as the increase with Haze flavors and aroma having THC level content of 13% to 17%. 

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5. Auto CBD White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The White widow is a well-known Sativa-dominant marijuana strain and is known for its strong energizing and uplifting effects. I this type, the CBD White Widows is a crossbreed with a feminized marijuana strain with a rich-CBD version, which changed the effects on rejuvenating and healing the body and mind.

Its fresh fruity-floral aroma complements very well with its citrus taste. This quickly makes it a delicious treat for those who want to feel a flavorful brand of cannabis to smoke. Because of its CBD content, these THC mind-bending effects take a backseat. However; the full effect can be still more subtle. Uplifting and relaxing CBD White Widow is a perfect weed to consume at night. 

Because of its above-average CBD content level, this hybrid strain is perfect for medical cannabis. And is usually consume to relax the exhausted muscle of the body and can boost psychological energy. It is also great as an alternative pain medication. It is best to grow in an outdoor environment, it can survive in balconies or a garden where has a lot of sunlight. 


With a lot of highest yielding autoflower strains 2020 that are now well known in the cannabis, above are the top 5 autoflowering strain that can be found in Crop King Seeds. This strain is known for being an easy growing, fast flower, and high yielding strains.

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