What are Some Autoflowering Marijuana Strains with the Highest Yield?

There are different considerations to look into when growing marijuana. One of the goals of Marijuana growers is to have the best yield. They choose different strains depending on the effects that they want to get from it. In order to achieve this, the choice of seeds is of importance. Another important consideration is the growing environment and the soil condition. All these should be considered to get the best yield from the chosen strain. Insects and diverse weather conditions also has to be considered when growing any type of marijuana strain.

What Is The Most Popular Highest Yield Autoflower Strain?

Auto-flowering means that there are no light changes that will be done from the vegetative stage until it is fully grown. Some of the most popular auto-flowering strains are: Critical Jack Auto-flowering. It is the result of a Jack Herer and Critical+. This can only grow from 60-90 cm but can produce good yields that can take 70 days from its germination process to harvest time.

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Critical Jack can be quite hard to grow as it requires close to perfect growing conditions to get the best yields. This is only fair as it can produce thick buds that are fully covered with resins and its flavors are a combination of citrus and frankincense.

Another thing to consider when growing Marijuana seeds is its yield or the buds. You would definitely want something that can produce the best yield and one of which is the Big Bud strain. It is a hybrid with an Indica dominant strain that are helpful in some medical treatments.. It is known to produce quantitative buds with just a very few leaves. It also delivers strong high when smoked. Its flavors is a combination of earthy, skunk and pungent. When smoked, it can help people suffering from stress, relieves pain, and treats insomnia as well as nausea and depression. This is one reason why it is considered as one of the medical strains of marijuana.

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Though there are some who suffer from dry mouth and dry eyes after using Big Bud, these are just minor issues that cannot out number its good effects. Another downside of this type of strain is it can make the smoker distracted and forgetful. But this can only last from one to two hours. This will allow its smokers to continue with his daily activities after the effects wears out.

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