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ak autoflower

AK Autoflower is a combination of the world’s famous Ruderalis, a small Russian-native cannabis species that can survive under the harsh climate conditions. Since the shortening of light in late summer is not a good factor for transitioning from the vegetative to flowering phase, wild ruderalis strains developed the capability to jump into the next growth phase without any external influence. Instead, these cannabis strains automatically go into the flowering phase after 3 or 3 weeks within the vegetative phase.

The quality of cannabis ruderalis, together with its hardiness and small stature, made it a significantly useful addition in creating cannabis strains. Cannabis seeds with ruderalis genetics are a great option for people who are new to weed cultivation. They are also a highly recommended option for those who live in areas with the same weather conditions to Russia. Ruderalis also lives and grows outside Russia. CNBS says it is also native to Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Effects and Flavor of Ak Autoflower

AK Auto has the same taste and aroma with the original AK-47. Cannabis ruderalis is somewhat innocuous. It minimally affects and changes the taste, medical effects, and the THC content of a cannabis strain. Expect a spicy and sweet flavor and a remarkable scent throughout the growing time.

With AK Auto, you can expect a creative and lazy high which will leave you with a relaxed and happy feeling that will last for hours. The effects of AK Auto are also a little euphoric. It contains a moderate amount of THC which is around 19%.

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With that, you should be extra careful when using this auto strain. Fortunately, the effects of AK Auto do not cause any uncomfortable or overpowering feeling. Once the dose begins to fade, you will find yourself feeling sleepy. AK Auto is ideal to use at night, preferably after dinner or before bedtime.

AK Auto is 40 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. Therefore, the effect of this autoflowering strain is somewhat identical to that of a balanced hybrid strain. AK Auto is presenting its indica genetics in a relaxed and happy high that will leave you feeling creative and lazy. Its sativa side creates a euphoric and uplifting sensation that will last for hours.

The pungent buds of AK Auto look beautiful with those resins that cover them. These delightful buds taste sweet and earthy. Thus, they are best suitable for evening and bedtime use. With its medium THC content, taking too many buds in one session will surely make you feel a bit paranoid. Doing so can even cause headaches.

Medical Advantages of AK Autoflower?

If you are searching for high-quality medical marijuana seeds, you should consider the AK Auto. This strain is a great option for regulating mood. It offers soothing relief from occasionally debilitating signs of common health conditions like fatigue, headaches, and migraines. It can also help a lot in dealing with mood disorders like bipolar and depression.

Also, AK Auto is an excellent choice when you’re experiencing stress and anxiety. Once consumed at night, this strain will enable you to fall asleep easily. In small dosages, AK Auto is also effective in relieving headaches and chronic pains, regardless of its potential to trigger paranoia, anxiety, and headaches when consumed in higher amounts. AK Auto also has the potential to treat other types of recurring or chronic pain.

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How to Grow AK Auto?

You can grow AK Autoflower at home. It can’t be easier to cultivate these new, friendly marijuana seeds in the comfort of your home. After the germination period, many gardeners find this autoflowering strain ready for harvest in just 80 days or 8-9 weeks. To compare, regular cannabis plants need more than this time frame to flower and produce buds.

You can plant and cultivate AK Auto cannabis seeds indoors and outdoors. Choose which suits your case, by considering the climate in your area and the available space for the plants. You can grow AK Auto in your garden, gardening pots, or grow room.

AK Auto is easy to manage even if you grow outdoors. If you cultivate it outdoors, you can easily manage a couple of yields in one season. When grown outdoors, the harvest is likely to occur from late Spring until early Autumn season.

You can expect a moderate to high yield from the mature AK  Auto cannabis plants. You may likely collect up to 500 grams of fresh and delicious buds per square meter from plants cultivated indoors. However, these plants yield less when planted outdoors. They may yield 200 up to 350 grams per plant.

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Please note that you have nothing to worry about changing the lighting schedule. Since AK Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain, it can automatically switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase in the next two weeks from the day you planted the seeds.

Where to Get Your AK Auto Seeds?

Getting your AK Auto seeds is easy. You can purchase some either from a local dispensary or through the web. Cannabis seeds are widely available on the web. You just need to find a reliable seed company that guarantees fast shipping, secure purchase, and a convenient shopping experience.

When buying cannabis seeds, make sure you’ll get fresh and new seeds. Buy your seeds only from a trusted seed company or local dispensary. Read the reviews online before making a purchase. Find out which of the existing seed companies or local dispensaries have the best offer.

You can also ask for suggestions from your trusted friends who might be growing AK Auto seeds for a while. If not, look for details on the tell-tale signs of good and bad cannabis seeds. Don’t waste your time on bad quality cannabis seeds as they won’t grow into mature plants.

AK Auto is a very interesting cannabis strain due to many things. Its amazing autoflowering characteristics, medicinal benefits, and taste-and-aroma profile never fail to amaze both the experienced and novice growers. For many good things about it, this strain is really worth considering. You will surely enjoy growing this strain together with other interesting cannabis strains.

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