How to Know if the Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are High Quality

Having many choices on where to buy high quality autoflowering cannabis seeds does not mean that it will be easily getting quality ones. It is unavoidable that someone within that pool of seed vendors is selling you a crappy seeds. This is why it is best to know what to look for in a seed to know if it of quality or not.

Just by looking at the seed’s outer appearance, you can tell if it’s a good one or not. A weed seed is said to be of quality when it has this waxy outer appearance. As for the color, it can range from having a green-greyish shade to brown to dark brown and then black. These are all characteristics of a good seed. You need to be watchful of seeds with which or light green shade for these are the indicators of an immature seed.

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When you buy high quality autoflowering cannabis seeds, keep in mind that dark brown doesn’t always meant that the seed is good. It can be a dead seed if it has that color but without any waxy appearance. In short, if a seed has a dark shade and a non-glossy coating then make sure to avoid it.

How About the Texture of High Quality Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Aside from color, you also need to pay close attention to the texture when you order auto-flowering weed seeds. A sign that a seed is good is when it was well-fleshed out. Avoid the seeds that have cracks and crinkles. If possible, you can always take a handful of seeds to your hand and rub them together.

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Are there Test to See if a Marijuana Seed is Good or Not?

There are ways for you to check the seeds after getting them. One popular method is the water test. After you purchase discount auto-flowering pot seeds, you can test their buoyancy. The seeds that float are considered dead seeds and the rest are the viable ones.

It is unavoidable to purchase tons of seeds because doing so will usually land you a discounted price for auto-flowering seeds. To retain the seeds’ viability, it is recommended to store them someplace that has the least amount of light and heat. Also, another useful tip is to feel the seeds. If possible, you can take a handful of seeds to your hand and rub them together. Get a feel and weight them. A good marijuana seed always has the right color shade and proper weight.

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