Growing Multiple Auto Cannabis Seeds Using a Single LED Grow Light: Is it Any Good?

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Auto Cannabis Seeds in a Solo LED Light

Many personages encompassing the world plant auto cannabis seeds at their places live it for recreational or therapeutic objectives, and while some of them do pretty fine and succeed to deliver a good outcome, for others it doesn’t go so great; these concerns can be linked to the inappropriate practice of lighting.

Indoor plant professionals are frequently shifting towards auto cannabis crops as a comprehensive market suggestion. Autoflowering cannabis strains are the quickest and most adaptable of all variations of marijuana.

Autoflowering plants can be favorably cropped in all periods, bar wintertime, outdoors and on a scale of lighting calendars indoors. The method is to obtain the optimal quantity of the appropriate light spectrum for autos, for them to attain their entire potential and produce an enormous, massive frigid yield.

The 18-6 light-dark calendar is the common prevalent among indoor producers and the most commercial light period as stated by Michelle Miley. However, this light schedule is irrelevant, as it is not confirmed to significantly boost yields, nor further expedite flowering. Autoflowering cannabis will develop merely subtle in 12 hours of light, but crops and total capacity will be diminished.

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LED lights are a verified and efficient cause to develop a cannabis plant. They are a prominent undistinguished approach to produce. LED lighting has various extraordinary benefits.

What is LED Light?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and that indicates that this light origin is merely a semiconductor that can work electroluminescence, or in single term illuminates. These lights have no driving or delicate pieces, so there is no fading out or heating, releasing of fiber as in HID or CFL lights.

LED lights more luminous than incandescent lights it also serves more and is more relaxed; your plants will not undergo severe plant heat when utilizing LED bulbs.

Types of Led Lights for Auto Cannabis Seeds


These model LED light installations were the primary model possible for producing, and now, they’re still generally accessible. Cannabis producers sometimes attribute to these as “purple” lights, as they often contain a combination of red and blue LEDs that blend to transmit a purple color.


They provide a very bright white light that is comparable to the original light color of the sun. One benefit of COBs is that they produce good infiltration into the plant covering due to their strength, following in a resolute harvest nearing that of degree HID lights. They also possess a flash spectrum that is optimal for robust germination and is remarkably energy-sufficient.

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These single-COB fixtures can be a great option for more generous developing spaces, as you can separate a product of them equally for light dispersion over the whole stretch.


Spread-style LEDs are composed of a substantial quantity of tiny LEDs that are scattered out on a more extensive board.

The main benefit of stretch-form plant lights is that they are among the most power-sufficient LEDs, which implies you can make the highest light for the wattage you’re applying.

LED Intensity & spread

A typical led grow diode operates at 1 or 2 Watts of electricity, and they are commonly assembled in a single section like a roundabout or rectangle box.

You can also purchase single-LED diodes and consolidate the required light spectrum by skill. You can create your setting on any strength and scattered you need by multiplying the power and reducing the range connecting the LED-diodes collectively or placing them with interludes to enhance the range and reduce the intensity.

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Advantages of Using LED

They utilize more limited power and will require much less working in the long-run. A good LED light can serve you many cycles with no preservation demanded. It provides a lot more limited warmth as opposed to HID lights, which can be an enormous benefit as you won’t need additional calming practices in your plant scope or tent to hold warmness optimal. LEDs generate less warmth, which implies weaker pressure on your plants

Disadvantages of LED

LED’s are surprisingly high-priced. Another limitation could be the light that is getting out of these LED fittings as it is not an entire color, and it is not gleaming in a white/yellow luminosity. Beneath this light, plants seem more pleasant, and even a picture structure as your plants appear extra fascinating and entertaining.

There is neither “one size fits all” support for the accurate range for all kinds of LEDs since this differs exceedingly by variety. It hinges on the volume of light your LED is transmitting, whether your light also employs lenses or reflectors. The maker of your lights should hint you into the approved lamp range from the covering, either on the directions that appear with your lights.

There are a lot of determinants that require to be acknowledged to produce enormous and robust crops from auto cannabis seeds, – don’t merely concentrate on a particular section of the developing process.

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