10 Best Autoflower Seeds to Grow in Winter

autoflowers winter

Growing marijuana  autoflowers winter is truly a rewarding experience. Getting those delicious buds after the flowering time feels amazing. The whole process of nurturing, sowing, and taking care of your plants is unconditional love.

If you live in areas with colder climates or those with longer winter period, you can also find ways to grow marijuana despite the weather.

For a strain to survive in colder climates, it has to be:

  • Resilient
  • With an imperative flowering time
  • With autoflowering qualities

Not all autoflowering cannabis strains can survive the winter, but of course, there are strains that can grow no matter how cold it is. 

Best Growing Autoflowers Winter

#1. Sweet Skunk Automatic

This strain is the child of two famous cannabis strains: Big Devil #2 and Critical Domina. Their properties are a perfect combination to ensure that Sweet Skunk Automatic is reliable and highly stable.

This auto strain comes with the greatest Sativa, indica, and ruderalis qualities. The plant grows quickly, giving you the buds in 8 weeks.

Its resinous buds are extremely sticky with faint traces of sweet and fruit scents. The delicious tastes match the strain’s smooth high. Its height is only between 60 and 100 centimeters.

#2. Quick One

This strain has a mix of the qualities of William’s Wonder, Northern Lights, and ruderalis genetics. Quick One is like the 1st dank autoflowering strain introduced by Joint Doctor. According to Wikipedia.org, Joint Doctor is the breeder of Lowryder, an offspring of a Mexican strain combined with cannabis ruderalis.

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The plant takes 8 to 9 weeks to flower. Also, it requires less for maintenance that makes it a good auto strain to grow in winter.

#3. Royal Critical Automatic

Royal Critical Automatic is a tasty auto strain with a delicious flavor and strong aroma. This strain will let you experience the best indica high. Royal Critical Automatic is the best autoflowering strain that you should try when chilling on the sofa or spending time with friends outdoors.

This strain takes 8 to 9 weeks to flower. It is easy to grow, so it’s a highly recommended strain for novice growers.

#4. White Widow Automatic

White Widow Automatic came from the legendary White Widow. By combining this strain with ruderalis genetics, a new autoflowering strain was born. With a strong base, it takes White Widow Automatic takes 10 to 12 weeks to finish from the seeds to harvest.

#5. Royal Ak Automatic

Men and women, vegans and marijuana users, will surely love what the Royal Ak Automatic can provide. It is an autoflowering strain with indica-dominant qualities.

Royal Ak Automatic has a short life cycle that takes 9 to 10 weeks. It is resistant to mold, humidity, and extremely cold temperatures, so it is a good strain to grow in winter.

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#6. Northern Lights Autoflowering

This is one of the best to grow autoflowering strains if you are a novice grower. The autoflowering quality of this Northern Lights variant means growers should expect decent yields even in a more demanding or colder climate.

Northern Lights Autoflowering has a sweet and delicate flavor which made it extremely popular among the cannabis enthusiasts. Its height is only 120 centimeters and takes 9 weeks to flower. Northern Lights Autoflowering is highly suitable to grow in colder climates.

#7. Polar Express

Polar Express is a fast-growing auto strain with a great combination of genetics. Many cannabis users choose Polar Express for its heavy but a bit cerebral high.

This cannabis strain is the blend of Northern Lights, California Kush, and Lowryder. Polar Express is also a good medical cannabis strain that grows short. Its height is often between 30 and 80 centimeters.

#8. Critical Mass Autoflowering

Critical Mass Autoflowering is one of the best autoflowers winter and cold-resistant autoflowering marijuana strains. Its decent yields match the plant’s impressive capacity to grow quickly. Usually, autoflowering strains have lackluster yields.

However, this is not the case. Her genetics are well-regarded, considering that it is an offspring of Critical Mass. This parent strain is giving the offspring a distinctive skunky taste. It gives off a long-lasting high that can easily knock out the experienced smoker.  

While her flowering time is slightly longer, the engorged indica flowers are truly worth the wait. Expect this plant to give you those delicious buds in 9 to 1 weeks.

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You will surely love her compact look and vast flower production. Those things are making her a good choice for growing cannabis in winter months. Despite the weather, Critical Mass Autoflowering provides decent yields.

#9. Blue Cheese Automatic

Blue Cheese Automatic is a rugged cannabis strain that can withstand cold climates to give impressive yields. This cannabis strain is a great autoflowering variety which means a few of its genetics came from cannabis ruderalis. Blue Cheese Automatic is also easy to grow as it doesn’t change the light cycle to force the plants in the flowering stage.

It comes with 40% indica genetics, 35% sativa genetics, and 25% ruderalis genetics. This strain is the result of crossing Cheese, Blueberry and a ruderalis strain. Its growth cycle is also short which reaches up to 10 weeks.

When cultivated outdoors, Blue Cheese Automatic stays as a small, manageable plant that grows between 60 and 110 centimeters. The THC content is 16 percent. The strain provides a creative and uplifting high accompanied by spicy and sweet tastes.

#10. Royal Dwarf

It is a compact hybrid which induces a buzzing body high. This strain comes with 13% THC content and powerful sativa effects. Royal Dwarf is the cross between Easy Bud and Skunk which bring the best of two different worlds at the same time. It has a blend of sweet and citrus tastes.

Royal Dwarf takes 8 to 9 weeks to grow. It is a short plant. Its height rarely goes more than 90 centimeters.

Growing cannabis autoflowers winter during the icy months is possible with these autoflowering strains. These plants take less time to grow. They are small, compact, and easy to grow. To see is to believe. Try cultivating them today and see for yourself.

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