Why Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Growing from seeds is better than growing from clones or cuttings because you are sure that the marijuana plants are healthier and will yield bigger. It would be much better if you grow auto-flowering weed strains because they will end quicker.

A lot of people have been growing auto-flowering marijuana strains because aside from the fact that they finish quicker they are also feminized which means that you will harvest high-quality buds.

What is an Auto-flowering Marijuana Plant?

Auto-flowering marijuana varieties automatically switch from vegetative to the flowering stage with age as opposed to what the regular strains do. Most auto-flowering strains are ready for harvest in less than 10 weeks from seed. Even if they are quick growing, you can still get high yields with them.

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There are some dwarf varieties of autos that will still provide you with a decent yield and there are some super autos that can grow to up to 6 feet and can yield pretty amazingly high.

There are a lot of marijuana online seed banks which have autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale. You can identify autos by looking at their names. They will have the word “auto”, “automatic” or “auto-flowering” on their names like Auto Afghan, Afghan Auto-flowering or Afghan Automatic.

Is it Growing Auto-flowering Cannabis Easy?

Yes, it is easy. Auto-flowering marijuana strains are for those who want to harvest quickly with an easy growing experience. If you are a beginner then this is the strain for you. However, if you really want to learn to grow the hard way then go for the regulars, with that you are pretty sure that you will experience how to grow marijuana.

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Growing marijuana has never been this easy with the new strains being developed by a lot of marijuana breeders and merchants from around the world. More and more online marijuana seed banks are selling these kinds of weed strains which you can buy for minimal prices. The more online seed banks are going into business, the cheaper these high-quality premium strains will become more affordable.

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