Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Indoors

growing autoflowering cannabis indoors

Growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds is not fairly different from growing the regular Sativa, Indica, or hybrid marijuana strains indoors. But, there are a few differences that you should remember so that you will be able to grow them very well and get the rewards of your to grow afterward.

Most notably, the life cycle of the autoflowering marijuana strains is very much different than the regulars and other types of weed. They will flower automatically within 17-20 days of growth which makes them ready for harvest within 60 – 65 days or less. This is very different than the regulars which can grow and flower the entire summer or spring.

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By growing auto-flowering marijuana seeds, you are sure that you can get some buds in very quick time.

If you want to harvest quickly then the auto-flowering marijuana varieties would be your plants. They are easy to grow and can dwell very well indoors and outdoors. However, they might not yield that much compared to the regulars but they are still worth your time and effort because they can give out high-quality yield.

What are the Requirements for Growing Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds indoors?

You need to remember the following important things when you are growing autoflowering marijuana  indoors:

1. Hours of Light
You can find a lot of good information about growing auto-flowering marijuana seeds indoors on the internet. The information may differ but we prefer to use 18 hours per day for it. So from the beginning to the end of the grow, you should use 18/6. The light cycle is not strict with auto-flowering strains because they will flower regardless of hours of light used. They are dependent on their age. However, they still need light so do not deprive them of that.

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2. Soil Used
Auto-flowering marijuana strains like airy soil which are relatively low on nutrients. Standard pot soil is not appropriate for auto-flowering strains. It is always better to buy your soil from specialized gardening stores or grow shop and always go for the light mix.

3. Nutrients
Auto-flowering marijuana strains are not much of a feeder. You won’t have to feed your plant during the first 12-14 days. You only need to water it and that’s it. After that period, you could start adding nutrients and continue it until the plant is flowering.

4. Size of Grow Pots
Most growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds indoors won’t grow into large plants. Large pots are not required because you will just be wasting your space and money for it however it doesn’t harm your plant if you use bigger pots.

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