Grow Requirements for Autoflowering Marijuana

grow autoflowering cannabis seeds

Grow autoflowering cannabis seeds does not differ a lot with the regular marijuana strains but they are a few differences that you will need to consider so that you will be able to grow them just fine.

The most important thing to consider about growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds is the fact that it is not dependent on the light cycle used. It flowers automatically as soon as it reaches a certain maturity. That is the reason why a lot of growers like growing this kind of marijuana.

What are the Requirements in Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

There are not many requirements that you should follow so that you will be able to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds successfully. When it comes to hours of light to be used, you don’t need to follow a certain light cycle to use because these strains are not dependent on light. You can just go for an 18/6 light cycle.

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Soil to be used should be airy. This is what auto-flowering marijuana strains love. They should relatively be low on nutrients but do not go for the standard pot soil. It’s much better to buy your soil from a grow shop. Go for the light mix.

Nutrients Requirements

During the first 12-14 days, you don’t need to feed your plant anything but water. After this growing period, you could start feeding them with nutrients. Again, go for the light type. Continue this until the marijuana plants reach flowering.

Flush well and then switch to nutrients that are designed for the flowering period. About a week before harvest, you should stop giving them nutrients.

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Do remember not to overfeed them with nutrients. Commercial growers may advise a very high concentration of nutrients for your cannabis plants. However, we can advise using less especially for the marijuana autoflowering strains.

Where to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

You can grow marijuana autoflowering strains either indoors or outdoors without problems for as long as you are providing it with the right amount of water, soil, light, and other things. Outdoor growing will have some problems but if you are an experienced grower then you can handle it very well for sure.

Indoor growing can still be rewarding sine auto-flowering strains would need much light for them to grow. Just give it a little light and you will surely harvest high-quality marijuana buds.

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