What you Need to Know about Green-o’-matic

Cannabis growers today find it better to invest on auto flowering strains. This is because auto flowering strains grow at a shorter period, usually 10 or more weeks and the light requirements are not as demanding as in regular cannabis strains. While auto flowering is a recessive trait, which means that it is less likely to be an exhibited trait among cannabis plants, many professional cannabis growers have found out the wonders of genetically manipulating them. They crossed indica types with other varieties to come up with a hybrid strain that is unbeatable in terms of flavor, smell, and medicinal purposes. One of the products of these successful genetic combinations is the Green-o’-matic cannabis strain or more popularly abbreviated as GOM.

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This GOM or Green-o’-matic strain is actually a combination of three parent strains: the Moroccan, White Dwarf, and Lowryder. It is classified under the ruderalis and indica types and is distinguished to have a mild yet long-lasting stoned effect. It is common for auto flowering cannabis plants to have a shorter height but it does not relate to their quality. Growing the feminized seeds of the Green-o’-matic strain will assure you of a rapid cannabis supply that are remarkably of high quality and high-grade indica. This is ideal for newbie cannabis growers because of their flowering period that commences after six weeks, which is applicable for both indoor and outdoor setting. They are able to grow at any time of the year but temperature must be maintained above 10 ⁰C.

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Compared to other auto-flowering cannabis strains, the Green-o’-matic is relatively cheaper and faster to grow. Its yield can reach up a maximum of 800 grams per square meter despite its short stature and the product will result to sweet-tasting cannabis with floral and spicy undertone that will give a long-lasting high.

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Growing marijuana from seeds is a good move if you want to make sure that your weed is of high quality. You can grow from clones and cuttings but the quality is not as high with the ones grown from seeds. The plants are healthier and the yield is larger if grown from seeds. Order marijuana seeds on the internet and have them shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. It is safe and secure because these online seed banks are legal companies in their country and they offer worldwide discreet shipping.

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