Great White Feminized Auto Flowering Strain

Great white feminized auto flowering strain is originally from Brazilian, Super Skunk, and South Indian strains. This auto flowering plant is very relaxing to nurture with good effective and power. The plant is characterized by its short, bushy branches. This great white feminized auto flowering strain grows taller with buds that are much bigger than any other auto flowering strains.

During the final stages of its flowering period, the great white feminized auto flowering strains develops trichosomes that are denser than other strains. Abundant resin production is to be expected. This plant will be definitely prepared and ready to harvest when it was planted outside when September ends in northern areas of the globe while it will bloom in southern hemisphere during the initial days of April.

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This kind of marijuana strain has a very great taste. It has a sour feeling that tickles the user’s mouth for minutes. This after taste is stronger and higher when used in smoking. This auto flowering marijuana strain has an intense flowery scent, too. Its fragrance has a hint of sweet trails and spoors. Whenever a person smells it, a wintergreen scent can be found as its underlying odor.

The THC content of this marijuana strain rings a strong effect. The great white feminized auto flowering marijuana train is also considered as a cannabis plant. This is highly recommended and appreciated by many people who use this strain for medicinal purposes for its effectiveness in pain treatments.

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For all growers, they will not find any burden in growing this great white auto flowering strain. It is very easy to be nurtured due to its auto flowering characteristics. It can also be grown on indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse climates. It flowers from seven to nine weeks and can yield itself from 500 to 800 grams per square metre.

Great White Feminized Auto Flowering Strain Overview

Genetics :Mostly Indica
Climate :Indoor/ Outdoor/ Greenhouse
Yield :500 to 800 gr/sqm
Height :Medium
Flowering :7 – 9 weeks
Effect :Very strong
THC level :14%
Growing :Easy – Moderate

 Where to Buy Great White Feminized Seeds?

Order Great White Feminized marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seed bank which deliver their seeds worldwide discreetly. Just make sure to check whether or not the seedbank is reputable and won’t take your money away. The best thing to do is to read reviews about them and to check if they have a very responsive customer support like phone lines, live chat and responsive email.

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