The Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

girl scout cookies autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies autoflower has great quality and stable genetics, and well-balanced strain. It gives calming effects that are perfect to use at night to have a peaceful sleep. Girl Scout is slow and vanquishes high that can make you unable to move for a few hours. It is also perfect for anxiety, great for pain, and stress.

This strain is high in THC content, a well-balanced strain that has many amazing qualities that can make people want to use it. With the increase of an autoflowering strain, the growers can now cultivate this seed for a whole year. 

This strain gives a strong high effect that slowly takes in the body which can make the body immobilize. These weeds just have enough strength to control the mind and stir up a sense of well-being. The analgesic effect is perfect on stopping the pain, white its controlling effects makes for an amazing appetite booster. Muscle tension is also reduced. The Girl Scout Cookies Strain Autoflower is the right choice for relaxing the mind and body. 

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Growing Girl Scout Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

The Girl Scout Cookies is the result of the crossbreed of the two strain which is Durban Poison and OG Kush, also this strain is a 60% indica-dominant. Though it is famous for its strong-hitting nature, it slowly gives in your body, and you will experience an overwhelmed feeling of relaxation. The calming qualities mean that it is great to use at night, to feel energized before going to sleep.

Known to be flowering at an early phase, is a feasible growing tactic. Usually, the plants remain in the vegetative phase for at least 6 weeks. With the SOG, you’re making the issue to be done the phase with just 2 weeks.

The SOG or Sea of Green method has an arrangement of benefits. For example, you can only use it when you have a small grow room. It will also produce bountiful yields even if you don’t have a wide amount of space. You can speed up the growing process by changing the grow light on 12 hours light and 12 hours complete darkness cycle, which helps you be done on the flowering phase quickly. 

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Regardless of how much attention and to care you put in growing Girl Scout Cookies, you won’t enjoy a high-THC crop if you will just settle on low standard seeds or mid-level seeds. Mostly the new growers grow their seeds in anyways, but they won’t be able to produce good crops. 

Growers should look for reputable marijuana seedbanks and obtain clones, which is not an easy process with the Girl Scout Cookies in spite of the popularity of the strain. When you buy clones with high standard genetics, the buyers are obviously guaranteed a healthy and potent Girl Scout Cookies crop unless they mess up the growth cycle of the seed. 

The Girl Scout Cookies usually give a moderate yield, with just 10 ounces per square meter when they are grown indoors. That means just half the amount of what you get with the marijuana Blue Dream. 

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Girl Scout Cookies is a well-made plant that handles temperature change better than other cannabis strains. Although it grows well in a mild, dry climate. In general, you cannot grow the Girl Scout Cookies Strain Autoflower in a room with a temperature of 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keeping the right temperature is just an easy part of the growing process. The humidity causes all methods of problems for the new growers. Maintaining the hight humidity while on the vegetative phase may decrease the salt levels. As your plant enters the flowering phase you need to reduce the humidity.  Also, it is recommended to expose your Girl Scout Cookies Strain Autoflower on a dry air during its flowering stage to increase the trichomes production and decrease the risk of having molds.

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