G-13 Autoflowering Cannabis

A high caliber marijuana strain, and according to a lot of people – one of the most potent strains there is. The g-13 autoflowering cannabis exceeds most of the other strains making it one of the most sought after.

The origin of this strain is uncertain. There are several accounts that say that the G13 was made by the U.S. government itself circa the late 60’s and the early 70’s. It is said that the FBI, CIA, and other U.S. government agencies collected the best marijuana strains around the world, stored, and experimented on them at installations at the University of Massachusetts. This resulted in a number of new hybrids.

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Besides this theory, there are a lot more stories about the beginnings of this strain. However, none of them have been proven yet as of the present.

The effects of this cannabis range from just a buzz to fairly helpful medicinal ones. It is said that this autoflower cannabis can help relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia symptoms.

Also, considering the potency of this strain, the effects it has on a person is just as strong as it affects both the body and the mind. The starting effect of the G-13 is highly noticeable and can be seen immediately after intake. Most users say that while other cannabis plants’ high reach a peak, the G-13 does not.  Users reported a feeling of great euphoria as the high only continues to go up.

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THC content of the G-13 is said to be up to 28% but skeptics down it to an estimate of 15-20%. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a flowering time of about 63 days. It begins flowering once it reaches the 12-16 inch mark. It grows at a fairly moderate pace. Once it reaches the 22nd inch mark, it will have been at its maximum height.

Where to Purchase G-13 Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

There are a lot of marijuana seed banks which have online stores where you can order marijuana seeds from. They will ship your order right to your address. Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet has never been this easy and secured. There shipping methods are discreet. You can get some free seeds with your order. Make sure to check with the online marijuana seed bank.

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