Frisian Dew – The Autoflowering Cannabis Version of this Strain

The Frisian Dew autoflower is another cannabis strain that grows relatively in a shorter maturation cycle. The seeds of Frisian Dew are feminized and auto flowering. Genetically, this strain is a cross of the Super skunk and the Purple Star strains, which makes it to have a composition of 50% sativa and 50% indica. The genetic studies here involved selective breeding, which in turn resulted to another prodigy strain of cannabis. The Frisian Dew autoflower results to both green and purple phenotypes (pertaining to physical characteristics that are attributed to the crossing of its parent strains).

Growing this cannabis strain is actually fast and it does not require high maintenance. The flowering time for this Frisian Dew autoflower strain is between seven to eight weeks, preferably in an outdoor condition. Although it grows only for an outdoor setting, the young shoots and buds of the plant are almost resistant to molds and it can grow well even in northern latitudes considering the colder weather there. In a professional level of growing Frisian Dew, a maximum plant height of four meters and a width of 3.5 meters can be achieved but for beginners, 1 to 1.3 meters tall is the average height. Organic type of soil is the most preferred medium to achieve its optimum growth and potential yield.

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Initial planting of the Frisian Dew seeds must begin in the month of May and is expected to last for seven to eight weeks. To get best results, expose it in more sunlight to get strong, earthy flavors with a mix of spices, blackberries, coffee beans, and even a slight taste of orange. Its strong and rich earthen aroma reflects on how it tastes and it sticks to your mouth, which is relatively good for smoking. The THC is at medium level and has an overall pleasant smell.

Where to Order Frisian Dew Cannabis Seeds?

You can buy Frisian Dew and other auto-flowering, feminized and regular marijuana seeds from the internet. It is safe and secure to buy from reputable marijuana seeds banks. They offer worldwide discreet delivery. Shipping times and fees may differ depending on where you are located at. The prices of these high quality autoflowering marijuana seeds are competitive enough and they are worth your time, money, and effort because they are high quality.

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