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wholesale autoflowering cannabis seeds

Want to start a cannabis business but don’t know where to find a supplier? First and foremost, you have to know what it is you want and why you want it. Standard (Sativa strain), feminized (Indica strain), or autoflowering (Ruderalis strain)? Medical or recreational? Next, you have to look at the price. Is it better to buy in bulk or purchase by wholesale autoflowering cannabis seeds? Then, you have to come to a compromise. Do you want a speedy delivery, or do you want the best price? There is so much to plan and research before even sticking a shovel in the dirt.

After some light research, you find that you want to plant wholesale autoflowering cannabis seeds because it is the easiest to grow and has the most desirable traits over the standard or feminized cannabis. It is very low maintenance, so you don’t have to do all of that pruning and other gardening stuff. Plus, you can have multiple harvests in one year since it grows faster. Now that you have the desired cannabis in mind, here are some things that you should consider when finding and buying the desirable seeds.

wholesale autoflowering cannabis seeds: Bulk or Singles

When we start planning on starting any business, we would think that buying in bulk would be best. Which in some cases, it could be. Some sites sell seeds by bulk of three (3) seeds, five (5) seeds, or ten (10) seeds. Then you just pay per bulk. For example, one company starts their prices at $19.90 per pack of five (5) seeds, but they also sell other pack sizes with ten (10), twenty (20), and even 100 seeds in each.

Some sites give the buyer the option of buying single seeds instead of bulk. This gives the buyer more of a variety in case, for example, the buyer wants more of some seeds than others if there is a supply and demand issue. Another company’s prices range from $3.59 to $6.83 per seed. This could come as an advantage later in the payment area when discounts could be given when a buyer reaches a certain amount of seeds.

Fastest VS Cheapest

Everyone wants fast delivery at the best price, but is that possible with wholesale autoflowering cannabis seeds? This all depends on the site of your source that your seeds are coming from. If you are buying from somewhere in Europe, and your location is in America, then you can expect your supply to come in six (6) to twenty (20) working days. Likewise, if you are buying from somewhere in Canada, and you reside in Canada, then you can expect your seeds to be delivered in two (2) to seven (7) business days according to the Canadian suppliers Sunwest Genetics and Crop King Seeds. But again, this all depends on the location of your supplier and where you are planning on sending it to.

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As far as pricing goes, it can vary from supplier to supplier. Certain suppliers can charge a shipping fee depending on what country you are sending the supply to. Others charge based on the weight of the package. Some do both shipping fees and weight. There are instances, however, when you can get the fee waived, but you have to reach a certain price ceiling before that can happen. One site will waive your shipping fee if you have purchased over $500 worth of seeds.

However, there are times when price and speed come together for better or worse depending on the site. One site will charge $30 to $60 for express shipping. You may have to spend more, but at least it will be delivered faster. It is up to you whether or not you want to spend extra money for less waiting time or wait longer for your seeds to save a few extra bucks.

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So whether you are planning on buying in bulk or buying by the seed. Whether you are wanting it now or want it cheap. You have to do your research to find which supplier really has everything you want and then some. It’s like getting a loan. You want to find the lender that has the lowest rates and easiest terms. Doing this ahead of time will help you in the long run when you are wanting to make a profit from your future harvest.

Word of the wise for those who are beginning: make sure you have the right location when selecting your seeds. Not all seeds grow in the same conditions. Also, make sure you have patience. Flowering time depends on the type of seed and location. Some flowers take a month or two while others may take more. Everything will eventually be worth it when the desired yield is ready, and the process of making your medical or recreational cannabis can begin.

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