What are the Fastest Growing Autoflowering Marijuana Strains?

The use of marijuana or cannabis is growing more popular as an herbal medicine or just as past time. The increase in demand has also led to the increase in production. Thus, the faster way of plant reproduction was needed. Over time, many techniques have been developed to answer to this need. One of these is the development of the fastest growing autoflower strains. Not only are they known for fast and less extensive production, but they are also known to produce good cannabis varieties.

There were quite some speculations about whether or not these seeds are competent enough to be sold in the market. But they have proven those doubts wrong. There have been some impressive results.

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More and more cannabis growers are convinced that this is another breakthrough in Cannabis production. And because of the good results, many varieties were even discovered. And there are 10 Best Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds.

What Are the Best Auto-flowering Seeds?

There are 10 of the best auto-flowering seeds but the top 3 are as follows.

One of the best auto-flowering seeds is the Critical Jack Auto-flowering. This variety is a mixture of Jack Herer and Critical+. It also has a blend of Big Bud and Skunk. This variety has higher yields and has a long lasting effect. The plant of this variety reaches a height of 60-90 cm. Furthermore, it develops from being a young plant to a mature one, good for harvesting, in just 70 days.

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The first auto-flowering variety is the Auto-blueberry. It is a favorite among connoisseurs. The plant grows to an average of 50-77 cm and is characterized by a blue color on its buds.

The third best variety is the Vertigo. It is a breed of Cannabis ruderalis and indica/sativa hybrid. The plant is very stable as it came from breeding in the third generation. The plant’s buds are thick and have a rich flavor. It also has a very strong effect however relaxed in a way. It can grow to a meter or more.

What are the Fastest Auto-flowering Marijuana Strains?

Among the three best auto-flowering cannabis seeds, the fastest growing is the Vertigo. The plant can be harvested in a matter of just 60 days. Second in line is Critical Jack Auto-flowering which takes 70 days to harvest.

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Following just close behind Critical Jack is the Auto-blueberry which grows from about 10 to 11 weeks or that is 70 to 77 days. There is another fast growing variety not mentioned but it follows Vertigo in just 65 to 70 days. This variety is the Rapid Afghan.

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