What Are The Fastest Autoflower Strain 2020?

fastest autoflower strain 2020

Autoflowering plants wouldn’t depend on dark or light hours to develop and marijuana plants that are photo-dependent on flowers. When they reach sexual maturity, auto strains begin to flower, and this can come after germination for 3 or 4 weeks. The fastest autoflower strain 2020 would be those who bloom with growth in just 20 days. The issue with these crops is that before they begin to bloom, they don’t have a way to achieve a great size so they’re really tiny.

The quickest autoflowering strains are the ones that survive in about 35 days. The problem with these types of marijuana plants is that they might not have the time to grow to reach a reasonable size before beginning the flowering process, so they are still quite tiny relative to photo-dependent strains. Though this negative is actually an advantage if you grow indoors and have limited room!                                                                                                                    

Nonetheless, multiple harvests can be experienced in a relatively short space of time so autoflowers would always be famous with someone who is desperate to achieve harvest, particularly those who live with cold, short summers in the northern hemisphere. Yes, endless harvests can also be accomplished when you plant seeds as early as one batch begins to bloom. Often cars also have better disease resistance to severe weather and are usually thought easier to develop.

Fastest Autoflower strain 2020 to Grow

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Auto’s pungent pine and citrus scent are alluring, and the sight of the insanely-sticky buds can make you excited to get to harvest. Luckily you won’t have to wait much, as the flowering season is around 8 and 10-weeks. Gorilla Glue is named for the resin ‘s unique generous and stickiness amounts. Nevertheless, some think it also applies to the strong gluey aspect of the powerful stone effects that can glue you to your sofa thanks to 20-24 percent THC levels.

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Due to its amazing effects, Gorilla Glue became the most well-known cannabis strain in the world. And growing – outdoors or indoors is also straightforward. All we ask is that you plant straight into the bigger containers that you’ll get your fingers on, as she will find replanting stressful. In ten short weeks, you could look forward to too many strong and sticky and durable Gorilla Glue ready.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies strain is indeed an Indica-dominant hybrid that brings its parent’ key qualities from the photo-period. The genetics of Ruderalis work to stabilize it, and the autoflower is incredibly easy to develop and has a special sweet minty chocolate candy-like flavor-one smoke will never be enough!

In the same way, as the original Girl Scout Cookies, high levels of THC reaches 22%  deliver calming stoned and an enjoyably euphoric high.  And it’s one of the fastest autoflower strain 2020 across, getting from either the early stages between 55 to 62 days.

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Girl Scout Cookies’ resin is dense, ample, and sticky, making it perfect for hash, oils, and extract. Girl Scout Cookies is 60% indica, ensuring you can look forward to couch-locked hard stones combined with euphoric bursts which will support body, mind, and soul. There are also a number of psychological advantages, and the effects of anxiety, depression, and pain are believed to be mitigated.

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights Autoflower is a sturdy, rare instance that responds well with any pressure or failure, so it’s suitable for new growers. When enough space and water is provided, it produces resinous buds that play on your psychological state and create a calming and heavy stone effect that lasts due to the presence of high  CBD and THC levels.

The Northern Lights Autoflower can be cultivated outdoors indoors and grows aggressively, forming solid, fairly branched stems and several knots in a limited area, a detail that predicts its high performance.

Its aroma is floral and sweet, of moderate volume, and very good. The flavor is fruity, with really sweet smoking from the beginning until the end of the blunt. The taste is not the most powerful but one with nuanced undernotes that you won’t tire of.

Northern Lights Autoflower is an Indica with all the related characteristics; it efficiently helps to relax body and mind and is very fun and calming. This has a long-lasting effect and will help you sleep. It is an effective herb for consumers and patients who need medical marijuana that has soothing properties to treat illnesses or enable them to sleep.

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AK 47 autoflower

AK 47 Auto is a quickly-flowing strain with lightweight, pleasingly sticky buds that produce an enticing fragrance. Allow 70 days from germination to flowering. AK 47 is very flexible as a traditional autoflower, and can be cultivated, greenhouses, outdoors, indoors, or even hanging baskets if space is very limited. Looking forward to regular crop yields in a short period of time, and high-quality Sativa-dominant strains which are known for their medicinal benefits and also their pleasantly cerebral and energetic high. To make a delicious hash, using the glistening resin.

Purple Mazar

Purple Mazar strain is the fastest autoflower strain 2020, mainly Indica autoflower strains developed by Flash Seeds grower Stitch. Purple Mazar strain contains the Mazar Sharif violet genes mixed to Ruderalis. In all conditions the crops grow well, reaching 15 to 40 inches high, and completing about 55 to 70 days of being a seed. Unusual, citrusy buds that have a high concentration of 19 percent THC. Colors of purple buds emerge throughout lower night temperatures. The scent is fruity and exotic, which is its taste.  At 0.8 %CBD, THC consumption is 19%. The effect is Indica, solid, long-lasting, and also very soothing in terms of physicality. This will also help you relax and de-stress and help to give smokers really sweet dreams even with sleeping problems.


Either choose the perfect short flowering strains or the fastest autoflowering seeds; either combination will give you the results you need. Like always, make sure to give lots of gentle love and care to your plants, so they can grow to be big, safe, plentiful, and very strong-inducing.

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