Everything You Need to Know About Early Miss Strain

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One of the top strains in the autoflowering cannabis category is Early Miss. Being autoflowering cannabis; Early Miss marijuana seeds are available in an autoflowering form and will grow quickly and flower in less than 9 weeks.

Autos like the Early Miss don’t need a specific lighting schedule to flower, unlike regular cannabis strains. And if you want a strain that can help promote appetite and relieve pain, Early Miss is the strain for you. Find out more about Early Miss strain and see if this strain is indeed the best for you.  

What is Early Miss Marijuana Seeds?

Early Miss Strain is an auto-flowering cannabis variety with an indica-dominant heritage. It is a strain known for its ability to stimulate appetite as well as the relief of pain. The breeder mixed the genetics of the Big Bud and a White Widow to make Early Miss.

And because of its impressive heritage, this strain has potent effects due to its towering THC levels. It flowers early as 50 days so you can still cash in and grow this strain twice a year given the right growing conditions.

Early Miss strain is available from online cannabis dispensaries as well as from local shops. Early Miss marijuana seeds are also available for purchase online and offline. If you’re planning to grow Early Miss, you will find this easy to grow and this is why it’s recommended for first-time growers.    

Where did Early Miss Strain come from?

As mentioned, Early Miss strain came from the combination of two powerful parents: Big Bud and White Widow. Big Bud is so named because of its ability to provide growers with a large yield. This strain is a powerful indica grown in the US before it was exported to the Netherlands. It is known for its massive buds, earthy and spicy aromas, and deep relaxation effects.

Meanwhile, White Widow is a classic hybrid strain with a balanced effect. It was initially grown in the Netherlands and soon enjoyed all over the world because of its stimulating and euphoric effects. White Widow is popular for its white crystal resin, stimulating effects and fast growth. It is a fantastic strain that has given rise to a large number of popular strains.

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What are the Natural Effects of Early Miss Strain?

Early Miss strain comes with a relaxing effect that is overwhelming and uplifting. There is an overpowering feeling of arousal and relaxation and thus can help you cope with stressful situations. It will also bring about a positive happy feeling that can help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

You will find yourself raiding your fridge right after taking this strain. Early Miss’s effects start to wear off, you will feel very hungry. This is why it’s used by people suffering from lack of appetite. It would be best if you stock up on food like snacks and sugary drinks since hunger is inevitable when you take this strain.

And aside from its euphoric effect, you will feel energized and creative. You can take this in the morning and indulge in creative projects. A slump is no match for the powerful stimulating effects of Early Miss.

Can you use Early Miss Strain as Medical Marijuana?

Aside from having potent natural effects, Early Miss also works as a medical strain. Its contribution to people suffering from lack of appetite is no doubt impressive. If you are suffering from any medical condition that keeps you from eating well then Early Miss can help regain your appetite.

This hybrid strain is ideal for people dealing with depression. Its natural stimulating effects can reduce negative thoughts and worries and will help keep you back on track. Depression can lead to medical conditions such as lack of appetite and insomnia. This strain can support patients by preventing nutrient deficiencies considering that poor appetite can make their conditions worse

What does Early Miss smell and taste like?

Some cannabis users rely a lot on a strain’s fragrance and flavor to enhance their experience. But once you smell Early Miss, you might reconsider your choice. This strain is not as fragrant, fruity or delicious like other strains.

It has a chemical; ammonia and herbal smell quite similar to spicy pepper smell. One taste and you will immediately taste the spicy, pepper, herbal and chemical taste that will linger in the roof of your mouth and in your nostrils. If you don’t like this combination, then you might look for other strains instead.  

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What are the side effects of Early Miss strain?

Early Miss is a natural and medical strain that has recreational and therapeutic effects. However, it is not free from negative effects as well. Use can lead to dry eyes, dry mouth and headaches which are common side effects of cannabis.

People new to Early Miss may suffer from anxiety and dizziness. These are due to the high THC content of this strain. Usually, anxiety becomes more prominent when this strain is consumed for the first time and will gradually wear off as you get used to this strain’s effects.

How do you Grow Early Miss Marijuana Seeds?

Early Miss is a strong plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. The sturdy indica lineage helps plants become strong and thus it does not require support when the plant is still in its vegetative stage. It will grow large, heavy buds but despite this, it won’t break or bend.

Because of its auto-flowering traits, these strain flowers fast no matter where it is cultivated. It will grow thick though so it’s important to prune it regularly so it can maintain its compact structure and will improve air circulation and light penetration on all the parts of the plant.

It can be susceptible to mold and mildew because of its compact structure. Thick branches and large leaves can block light and air and thus increases moisture content and humidity and this may lead to the development of mold and pesky mildew.

The plant is a real stunner. It may not be as tall and large as other strains but its lovely large buds steal the show. The large dense buds come with deep green colors with a tinge of purple. Every bud is covered by rich trichomes creating a stunning, crystal-coated effect.

The best Growing Medium for Early Miss

The best medium to grow Early Miss is still cannabis-friendly soil. Early Miss marijuana seeds should be grown in soil that can retain water and nutrients and drain the excess as well. Plants should be grown in soil considering that these will need support so that its branches will grow stronger.

Soil-grown Early Miss plants may also have better flavor compared to growing these in hydroponics or aeroponics. But if you prefer to grow cleaner buds, grow your plants in hydro. But no matter what medium you choose to grow your strain, keep in mind that since seeds are auto-flowering and therefore should never be subjected to more stress.

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Important growing information

  • Early Miss will flower in just seven weeks after its seeds have sprouted.

With this fast life span, Early Miss strains will even let you grow up to two crops per year.

  • When grown indoors, expect to get up to 7 ounces per square meters but when grown outdoors, you may get 4 ounces of marijuana per plant.
  • Early Miss comes with 15 to 21% THC which is a moderately-high amount. CBD content is measured at 0.80%. This strain is 60% indica, 30% sativa and 10% ruderalis.
  • It is easy to grow Early Miss because it does not require trellising or support as it grows. It may be prone to mildew and mold but with regular pruning, you can prevent these from happening.
  • There’s no need for a lighting schedule when growing Early Miss

Growers can cultivate this strain in any kind of schedule because it will flower depending on its age and not the amount of light it receives. You may start with an 18/6 light/dark schedule and keep this till harvest time and still get flowers on the 7th week.  

  • As long as you live in a place where there’s a warm climate, you will be able to grow Early Miss strain. But if you don’t have this ideal environment or climate to grow this strain you don’t have much choice but to cultivate your plants indoors where you can better control the growing environment.
  • When it comes to the right fertilizer, your plants should be fed a week or two after it has sprouted. During the seedling phase, it will still be able to get nutrients from the soil as well as from the cotyledons. During the growing phase, you can start supplementing with fertilizer with higher nitrogen content. But once your plants are in the flowering phase, choose a fertilizer mix with low nitrogen and more phosphorous and potassium to support bud growth and development.

If you are growing your plants using Early Miss marijuana seeds, buy only from reputable marijuana seed banks to get the best quality seeds.

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