Early Miss Autoflower for Late Growers

early miss autoflower

The emanation of autoflowering strains has reformed the industry of cannabis. It modernized the process of growing by lowering the time of waiting instead of lingering for months. Moreover, none of the quality and yields are jeopardized in spite of the reduced period of flowering.

As such, it is no surprise that it has earned the hearts of a lot of people. Early Miss autoflower belongs to this group of cannabis strains.

Early Miss is a bulky rapid-flowerer which attracts numbers of people with its impenetrable buds. It may initially create an impression of being a peculiar flower which only blossoms during the morning. It is, in fact, a kind of cannabis strain which is cultured for early auto-flowering.

It is the innovation of Crop King Seeds and is a combination of two massive hitters: rich yielding Big Bud and blatant adherent White Widow. The outcome provides an intricate aroma characterization along the side of a profoundly soothing high. It has a THC content that varies from 15%-21%.

The flowers of Early Miss differ in size – from small size to average size and follow in diminished, spade-like structures. It has buds that are solid, tight formation commonly correlated with other varieties of indica-dominant strains.

The small-scaled leaves that coiled firmly infiltrating toward their main stems are darkened, damp green and are a breakthrough with frizzed orange and yellow hairs – that are indeed pistils. Lastly, the parent strain White Widow goes through on its susceptibility for rich production of the trichome, covering these flowers in adhering excretions.

Effects of Early Miss Autoflower

Even though it is predominantly Indica, Early Miss is not a gradual opener. Its impacts promptly hit the users with them taking the pleasure of a light squeeze that starts in the middle of the temples. Overrunning the mind while it aggravates, the exhilarated rush demises the users in the sensation of being perceptive and mentally accelerated.

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The ending buoyant distribution is most of the time what drags the users into an artistic rapture. It encourages creative thoughts to freely flow in order for one to view contexts in various light. Most of the time, too, people are more at ease conferring ideas with friends. Even though, some would like to recollect wonderful memories instead.

Slowly, similar reverberating sensation backflows to the entire body. It relaxes every muscle until consumers are completely encased in an influx of relaxation. Despite its impacts, it is not really tranquilizing.  


Early Miss Autoflowering possesses a firm hold on aficionados with a nose inclined to chemical cannabis strains. It has a powerful connotation of ammonia created even more aromatic with cool annotation of eucalyptus. Smashing and igniting the buds, it produces spicy and herbal annotations of pepper.

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Right on the throat, the sharp smoke may at times end to a whooping fit. The moment it is relished; it gushes over the mouth with the spicy aroma of combined herbs highlighted by annotations of pepper. On the breath out, it allots similar aftertaste of chemical of ammonia that lays on the palate for some time even after the time of the last whiff.

Negative Reaction

Even the long-time consumers must practice care and attention upon using Early Miss. Aside from triggering parchedness in the mouth and eyes, it also has the ability to green out consumers with indications of giddiness and an exquisite sensation of paranoia particularly if consumed beyond one’s boundaries.

Even though users only encounter headache often, it is still necessary to train to step off and averaging if staying hydrated in the entire session.


Early Miss has essential therapeutic essence. Its CBD, THC and other kinds of cannabinoids give users with a deferment against many physical health and mental problems.

On the physical condition, Early Miss activates a calming body hiss which helps relieves pains occurring in the body. As it gets to the stomach, it soothes hunger spasms which most of the time intercede with one’s capability to eat. It encourages the craving and also stops consumers from throwing up with its antiemetic features. As such, it is an ideal helper for consumers who are going through cachexia or anorexia.

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Early Miss is ideal for believers longing to flourish their own medicine. It peculiarly demands help because of the solid indica genes. Annoyed with powerful breezes of wind, its stalks do not break or bend. For the meantime, the branches do not separate at a load of its massive buds.

Further, it blooms rapidly disregarding where and when it is cultured because of its ruderalis genes that are the major element of the formation of autoflowering. Growers will have to perform plant pruning often since its solid structure may at times hide moisture delivered about by the humidity. Once left alone, it may captivate mildew or mold which probably damage the plant.

Similar to its antecedent, Early Miss autoflower is captivating. Although it is not as huge, it produces captivating buds which bluster profound green colors having purple complexion at times.

Famous influencer Steve Deangelo said, “The ability of cannabis to extend patience, to encourage tolerance and open-mindedness, to heighten appreciation of nature, to engage self-examination, to teach more peaceful ways of resolving conflict…”https://www.autoflowermjseeds.com/10-interesting-facts-about-autoflower-marijuana-seeds/

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