Early Miss Auto: The Perfect Weed for Beginners

early miss for beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere right? Whether in sports, business, or hobbies, you always have to start from the bottom or from where it is most likely easier before you work your way up to the top. Even in the world of cannabis, the same is true. In the marijuana industry, whether you are a user or a grower or breeder, you also need to start somewhere.

As a beginner, the ideal place for you to start is where it is easier. If you are a user, go for something a bit soft and mellow. And if you are looking to start as a grower or breeder, go for something that provides you with experience in the simplest way possible. In all of those cases, that is where Early Miss for beginners comes in.


Like any autoflowering cannabis strain, Early Miss Auto is known primarily for its quick-growing capabilities. However, that is not only its main point of attraction as this strain is also a remarkably easy plant to grow because of how resilient, dense, and sturdy it is.

No matter where you grow it (whether indoors or outdoors), it will yield you a generous harvest and won’t give you much of a headache as it grows in a short span of only seven weeks. And the best part is that it isn’t the weakest autoflowering plant in terms of potency.

In fact, it is moderately potent for an autoflowering strain. As such, it makes for a good beginner grow especially because of how quick and easy it is to cultivate.

Genetic Background of Early Miss Auto

By looking at Early Miss Auto’s genetic background, you would certainly come to the immediate conclusion that it was bred specifically to become near-perfect strain not only for beginners but also for intermediate users and growers as well.

To start things off, Big Bud was first bred with White Widow. Big Bud and White Widow are two of the most popular strains in the entire world for different reasons. First, Big Bud’s name is suggestive of the fact that this strain tends to have big and dense buds that provide generous harvests. Meanwhile, White Widow is one of the most potent strains in the cannabis industry.

By breeding Big Bud with White Widow, a high-yielding and potent strain came about. But things did not stop there as this strain was bred with ruderalis genetics to form the autoflowering marijuana we now call Early Miss Auto. It not only has the high-yields of Big Bud and the potency of White Widow but also the fast-growing properties and resiliency of a ruderalis cannabis strain.

Early Miss Auto Effects

Early Miss for beginners is an indica-dominant strain that has hybrid capabilities. Because of that, it tends to act as a hybrid in terms of its effects as it does not have the slow buildup that most indicas are known for. Instead, it immediately hits your head with a buzzing kind of pressure that eventually turns into a euphoric sensation.

Though it might be an autoflowering strain, Early Miss Auto is surprisingly stronger than most of its fellow autoflowers. It might not be up to par with other cannabis strains but its moderate potency ranks as one of the best in the autoflowering playing field.

With THC levels near 20%, you can expect this one to be a good fit for beginners, intermediate users, or maybe even experienced enthusiasts. In that sense, it makes for a good bud for novices and also a casual smoke for some of the veterans.

Regardless of your level as a user, the type of heady buzz you get from Early Miss Auto tends to put you in a trance-like state that improves the flow of creative ideas in your head. You’ll find yourself floating in an endless pool of imagination as you tend to see things from a different perspective. It isn’t the overwhelming kind of trippy feeling you get from the more potent strains but it is good enough to give any kind of user the value he deserves for his smoke.

Early Miss Auto Medical Uses

Since Early Miss for beginners is more of a heady kind of strain, it does not have a lot of medicinal benefits but it can still be used for that purpose. First off, the euphoric buzz can improve your outlook on life if you tend to be in a state of depression or something close to that.

Second, it can be a good way of relieving you of your stress as the heady buzz tends to be relaxing as well. And lastly, you can expect some kind of pain relief from taking a toke of this bud, though it is not as pronounced as its heady effects.

Early Miss Auto Flavor and Aroma

Early Miss Auto’s scent boasts of a strong and sometimes even unbearable kind of dank earthiness that is close to fuel or chemicals. Though pungent, it may sometimes feel pleasant to the nose because of the cool sensation you can get from all that earthiness. Underneath that strong fragrance lies hints of pepper and spices that give this strain an herbal kind of finish.

The taste has a similar approach. The smoke can feel quite harsh to the throat because of how strong it is. But, as soon as you get over it, the herbal spiciness takes over to take on a more pronounced approach as it dominates your flavor palate. After that, you will begin to feel the fuel or chemical-like taste beginning to take its shape in your mouth as it leaves behind a noticeable aftertaste that tends to stay for a while.

Growing Early Miss Auto Seeds

Known as a sturdy plant and a quick grower, Early Miss Auto is something of a beginner strain as it will not give its grower any problem during its really short growing time.

For one, due to its indica-dominant genetics, it tends to be quite strong and will not easily be affected by adverse weather conditions that can destroy even the best of marijuana plants. Even with its heavy buds, it tends to stand strong.

Because it is a relatively short plant, it is ideal for stealthy growers both indoors and outdoors. When growing indoors, you can make sure that it won’t take up a lot of space inside your grow tent. And if grown out in the open, you do not have to worry about it growing taller than your fences because it stays pretty short. That said, its size won’t give you any problem as a grower.

Due to its ruderalis genetics, it is an autoflowering plant that will flower regardless of its light and dark hours. That means that you no longer have to monitor its light cycle. So, if you prefer to giving it the full 24-hour light cycle, you are free to do so.

However, as resilient and sturdy as Early Miss for beginners can be, you still have to be careful about the humidity level in your grow space or in the environment. It does not perform well against humidity and might be susceptible to molds or even pests.

So long as you give this plant the bare minimum care it demands from you, there won’t be much of a problem. It will flower in seven weeks and, thanks to its Big Bud genetics, it will give you dense buds that yield quite a generous harvest.

Autoflowering plants are known to be beginner plants because they are marginally easier and quicker to grow compared to other strains. However, what makes Early Miss Auto stand out as an ideal beginner marijuana strain is that it does not always act like an autoflowering plant. That means that it has a moderate amount of THC and that it has large buds that yield heavy harvests.

In that sense, Early Miss for beginners is something you should highly consider not only as your first smoke but also your first grow as well because of how it can give you an impression of a regular or feminized seed even though it is an autoflowering strain of cannabis.

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