Early Miss Auto Flowering Marijuana Strain

The Early Miss Auto Flowering cannabis seeds is fast flowering strain that can be grown both indoor and outdoor. It is easy to grow and begins to flower in about seven weeks with a potent THC level of 20.6%. Indoors, this strain can yield up to 200 grams per square meter. Outdoor yield is about 100 grams sqm.

The Early Miss’ origins are from Spain, and is continuously bred by Crop King Seeds. It is a cross between Big Bud and the Original White Widow. The potent strain induces a relaxing effect when smoked, thus well loved by many cannabis smokers. The Early Miss abundant yield and fast flowering type greatly contributes to its popularity. In many online reviews, the Early Miss auto flowering has excellent ratings.

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Growing Early Miss Auto Flowering

This Indica dominant strain can be grown all year round. If one grows it outdoors, the temperature must be above 10c. Since it is mostly Indica, the Early Miss can also be used as medical marijuana, especially for pain relief and therapy. It can also improve appetite, and uplift smoker’s mood. Early Miss is also perfect for patients with anxiety and depression. It is safe to say that the Early Miss auto flowering is one of Spain’s popular genetics.

One of the main reasons of Early Miss’ popularity is the name itself – the strain having quick flowering time. It is a favorite among growers because it can be grown in many methods including hydroponics, soil, and paper towel method.

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Early Miss Auto strain is a very strong type of weed. Growers and users have described the strain as extremely potent and compact. Upon maturity, resins start to appear. The leaves are characterized by its long and thin nature. It is not a very tall plant, which is why it is perfect for indoor growth.

Where to Buy Early Miss?

You can order Early Miss Auto-flowering marijuana seeds from a reputable marijuana seedbank like Crop King Seeds. This seedbank is based in Vancouver, Canada and they offer discreet worldwide shipping. You can also order high quality feminized and regular marijuana seeds with high germination rate. They accept credit card, western union, moneygram, RIA, bitcoins and cash payments.

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