Early Miss Grow Tips: How to Harvest Big Buds

early miss cannabis seeds

Early Miss Cannabis seeds is an indica-dominant strain with ruderalis characteristics. This means that this strain is autoflowering. You can get quick yields in just 7 weeks with this strain because of its autoflowering heritage. Many growers and cash croppers love Early Miss Cannabis seeds because of its quick flowering, high yielding characteristics. Early Miss cannabis seeds are available in most cannabis seedbanks locally or from online stores. If you are planning to grow Early Miss Cannabis seeds then let these tips guide you.

Important Growing Information

Before starting to grow Early Miss, you must learn about important growing information about the strain. Only through understanding what this strain is, you’ll be able to grow your plants more confidently at home.

  • Indica/sativa – 60% indica, 30% sativa, 10% ruderalis
  • Effects – creative. relaxed, euphoric, aroused, talkative
  • Negative effects – dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, headaches, paranoia
  • Flavors – ammonia, chemical, herbal, pepper, spicy
  • Medical effects – pain relief, appetite boost, relieves depression
  • Flowering times – 7 weeks indoors, 7 weeks outdoors
  • THC content – 15% to 21%
  • CBD content – 0.8%
  • Yield – up to 7 ounces per square meter indoors, up to 4 ounces per plant outdoors
  • Climate – needs a warm climate to grow well
  • Growing – easy to moderate

Why Grow Early Miss Cannabis Seeds?

If you are an impatient grower, Early Miss is going to be your favorite strain. It won’t just grow fast but will only take 7 weeks to do so! At 7 weeks, regular strains will just be in their vegetative stage!

This strain also gives you a good harvest with up to 4 ounces per plant outdoors given the right growing conditions are met.

And because this plant has a small structure, compact and bushy, it is ideal for growing stealthily at home. You can hide two or more plants inside a growing cabinet or tent without anyone suspecting.

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What Strains were used to make Early Miss Cannabis Seeds?

Expert growers take time to know what their plant’s lineage is. They know that a successful grow depends on how well you know the strain’s growing history.

Early Miss strain came from mixing two very potent parents: Big Bud and White Widow. Each of these strains comes with unique features and impressive effects. Big Bud can provide growers with a huge yield. This is a powerful indica from the US and exported to the Netherlands. It is known for its large buds, earthy and spicy tastes, and superb relaxation effects.

On the other hand, White Widow is a classic hybrid strain that comes with a balanced effect. It was first cultivated in the Netherlands before it has become worldwide hit. White Widow is popular for its crystal-coated buds, stimulating effects and quick growth. It is a popular strain that has given life to a number of powerful and impressive strains.

Factors to consider when growing Early Miss

Early Miss Cannabis seeds are known for being easy to grow, fast flowering times, and compact size. But to get the best buds, consider the following techniques:

  • Supplement with the best fertilizer during the growing phase

Early Miss is a strong plant but how did it get so sturdy and resilient? The secret is good genes and the best fertilizer mixes. This strain naturally grows large and dense buds but these buds won’t grow well unless your plants are supplemented with the right food.

Supplementing during the growth stage is a very crucial thing for cannabis plants. This is because it’s during the growing stage where your plants grow taller, wider, and stronger. To do this, it has to take in the ideal marijuana nutrients.

Fertilizer mixes during the growing phase need to have high nitrogen levels. Nitrogen is important to plants because it helps grow healthier stems, branches, and leaves. Nitrogen strengthens the stems and branches to be able to hold large and dense buds.

Aside from Nitrogen, your plants need potassium and phosphorous but in minimal amounts. Micronutrients must be present too and all these can be found in specially-made commercial mixes.

  • Support your plants

Most growers who have had the experience with growing Early Miss agree that this plant is strong with resilient stems and branches. But if you want larger and denser buds, you must support your plants during the growing stage.

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Use sticks or trellises to support your plants. You only need some wooden planks and some string or wire. Just prop the wooden planks in the same pot where your plants are grown and tie the branches to it using string. Keep the plants supported till harvest time and your buds will continue to grow larger and denser, ready for harvest.

  • Improve humidity inside the plants

A thing about Early Miss that you must remember is that this strain can grow into a very bushy, compact plant. This will grow so dense that inside the plant becomes too humid, enough for moisture to build and cause mold and mildew.

Now mold and mildew are nuances that can greatly affect your buds. Mold can cover your buds rendering these useless. Also, mold can attack the buds itself. These fungi will grow inside the buds and eat the buds from the inside.

To avoid this from happening, prune your plants regularly. Remove the large fan leaves to improve humidity levels inside the plant. Invest in a good humidifier to reduce humidity levels. Also, use a digital hygrometer to track humidity levels in your room.

You may also open doors, windows, or use a fan to dry up the room and reduce mold and mildew. If it’s too late and there are already molds or mildew, remove the parts that are affected. Use a spray bottle with water and water and wet the affected areas and then wipe this dry with a tissue paper.

If the infestation is just too much, you have no choice but to discard your plants. But before starting a new grow, disinfect the growing area totally. Use soap and bleach to remove mold, fungus, and bacteria. Dry the place completely before placing your equipment back in.    

  • Choose the best soil for growing cannabis

For your plants to take advantage of the fertilizer mixes that you are providing, it has to be in healthy soil. Ask any grower and you’ll find that most use sandy-clayey soil for growing strains like Early Miss.

The reason why this strain is popular is that it can absorb more water and liquid fertilizer to benefit your plants. Also, this type of soil can drain the excess due to its porous characteristics.

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Sandy clayey soil has good aerating qualities and this makes it easy for oxygen to move from the environment to the roots which will greatly improve the plant’s health and the growth of buds.

Sandy clayey soil is found in most garden supplies shop. You can also use specialized marijuana soil which is usually comparable to sandy clayey soil when it comes to its ability to get more water and nutrients and drain excess as well.

Commercially-made soil is supplemented with nutrients needed by cannabis plants during the vegetative phase. These soils also contain organic ingredients that enhance the quality of the soil. Ingredients like bat guano, animal bones, insect chitin, worm castings, and shellfish are very common in super soil mixes.

  • Indoors or outdoors growing

The long-standing debate as to what’s better: indoor growing or outdoor growing also applies to the Early Miss strain. Since this is able to grow outdoors and indoors, you might consider a few factors:

Indoor growing is better because

  • You can better monitor your plants from nutrient deficiencies, the presence of pests and mold and pruning large fan leaves when your plants are grown indoors.
  • You can better adjust the growing environment for your plants indoors.
  • You can prevent mold better when you are growing indoors.
  • If growing cannabis such as Early Miss cannabis seeds are not allowed from where you are located then you might have no choice but to grow your cannabis indoors.
  • If you want to grow stealthily then you can grow indoors using this compact strain.

Outdoor growing is perfect when

  • Do you want to get a better yield? Grow Early Miss outdoors. This way, it can get non-stop sunshine, good air and natural water plus all the best nutrients in the soil.
  • You get the best flavor when your strains are grown outdoors
  • You’ll save money because you won’t have to use lighting, fans, and dehumidifiers.

Understand the different advantages of growing indoors and outdoors. Whether outdoor or indoor growing is your preference, just make sure to monitor your plants’ progress daily.

  • Watering at the right time

Growing as well as flowering plants needs water. Water transports nutrients from the roots to the different parts of the plants. Water also aids in food production in plants.

Therefore, watering your plants at the right time is crucial to bud health and growth. Water only when the soil is dry and high and never when it’s wet. Use fans to dry your soil especially when growing indoors.

And just like people, plants need more water during warm weather. But never overwater because this can also be harmful to your cannabis plants.

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