Dwarf Low Ryder Cannabis Strain: What Makes it Awesome?

dwarf low ryder cannabis seeds

A very popular strain for first-time growers is the Dwarf Low Ryder. This is an auto-flowering cannabis strain that gives a satisfying high. You’ll feel focused, uplifted, happy, and relaxed as you enjoy this strain during the day or night time. And to grow Dwarf Low Ryder, you need top-quality Dwarf Low Ryder cannabis seeds. Find out more reasons why many growers love to grow this strain as recreational or medicinal cannabis.

What is a Dwarf Low Ryder Cannabis Strain?

Dwarf Low Ryder is an amazing cannabis plant that is popularly-grown in small areas or growing spaces. It has a compact structure, small enough to grow even in cabinets, old refrigerators, cupboards, and inside buckets.

This strain is an auto-flowering strain so this means that it will grow faster compared to other traditional strains. It won’t require special lighting schedules, unlike regular strains that need a strict 12/12 light/darkness schedule.

However, the problem with Dwarf Lowryder plants is that you may not get a high yield considering its size. This strain is so small that its buds are also small compared to regular strains.

What are the Best Qualities of a Dwarf Low Ryder?

Dwarf Low Ryder may not be the perfect auto-flowering strain but it has impressive qualities that will surely make it a fantastic strain to try to grow at home.

  • It comes with fast flowering time

Dwarf Low Ryder plants flower faster compared to regular plants. While regular cannabis will take 10 weeks to 12 weeks to bloom, it will only take a Dwarf Low Ryder around 7 weeks to flower.

What makes this so special? If you are growing your Lowryders indoors, you can save money from using electrical equipment such as lighting, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and fans. You will save money on plant food as well as potting soil, supplements, and the like.

If you are growing your supply of recreational or medicinal weed, you’ll have a batch of weed ready to use, in no time at all.

  • It does not require a lighting schedule to work
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Another thing about growing Dwarf Low Ryders is that you won’t have to worry about subjecting your plants to a strict 12/12 light/dark schedule. Some growers encounter problems with using a 12/12 schedule especially when they want to place their plants under a continuous 12-hour dark schedule. What happens is that regular plants won’t flower at all because of accidental interruptions.

A flash of light, car headlights, lighting, or even a porch light can bother regular plants as they try to remain in a continuous 12 hour darkness period.

Regular plants will refuse to flower and this could affect the grower’s harvest. Cannabis growers, therefore, prefer to use auto-flowering strains such as a Dwarf Low Ryder plant so they won’t have to go through the hardships of maintaining a 12/12 light/dark schedule.

  • You can keep it away from prying eyes

The size of a Dwarf Lowryder strain is a disadvantage for growers and cash croppers but it’s a blessing for people who would like to grow cannabis despite strict regulations. Because of the size of these plants, you can grow these in small containers and keep inside small cabinets, containers, and tents.

And the strain does not have a strong smell so you can keep even a dozen plants in your cabinet or basement and no one will know that you are growing recreational or medicinal cannabis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  • You can grow twice or even three times a year

Why settle for regular cannabis strains that will only give you yearly harvests? No, you don’t have to wait that long when you can grow Dwarf strains. Imagine growing up to 7 to 8 weeks and then switching to another batch of Low Ryders!

So even if you can’t get a high yield from this strain, it’s still worth growing because it will give you more harvests in a year.  

  • You save money from electric equipment

Because your plants will be ready for harvest in less than 9 weeks, you can save on electrical equipment for two weeks including lighting, fans, dehumidifiers, and so on. What to do with your savings? Purchase more Dwarf Low Ryders of course!  

  • It’s easy to grow and forgiving  

What most growers don’t know about the Dwarf Low Ryder is that this strain is very forgiving. You can overwater it or underwater it for a certain period time and it will come back with renewed health and appearance.

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This strain can withstand changes in growth temperature and humidity, only to a certain degree. It can grow in cooler environments to scorching hot places without any worries.

And if you are new to growing cannabis, mistakes are very much understandable. You might forget to water or use an incorrect food mix. But Dwarf Low Ryder cannabis seeds will still flower in 7 weeks and provide you with expected yields.

Some negative qualities of this strain

Despite the noteworthy characteristics of Dwarf Low Ryder strains, there are also some negative qualities that you need to know before purchasing Dwarf Low Ryder cannabis seeds.  

  • Won’t give you high yields

Like it or not, this strain won’t be able to provide you top yields per plant. The size of the Dwarf Low Ryder is so small and compact; there is hardly any room for growing large and dense buds. Expect that you can get only a very small yield if you rely on only one plant.

So how do you go about this? To compensate for a very small yield per plant, you must grow more plants. More plants would mean more buds to harvest.

You can also increase yields by using training techniques. Cannabis growers use special training techniques to maximize the yield of plants. One is topping.

Topping is cutting away the topmost cola of the plant. Doing so will reveal two structures that will eventually grow into two colas. Another technique is to use fimming; this is cutting higher than the spot where you will top your plants.

Fimming will reveal four clean cola heads. When your plant matures, it will develop four buds instead of one. So fimming four Dwarf Low Ryders can give you sixteen buds which will give you more yields.

  • Has side effects

What strain does not have any side effects? But if you are new to using Dwarf Low Ryder strain, you might encounter side effects such as the dry mouth and dry eyes. These effects are very common and are present in most strains especially in strains with high THC content.

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Other side effects include dizziness and slight paranoia. Again, these side effects become worse if this is your first time to take the strain. To reduce these effects consume this moderately. You may also reduce these side effects if you take this strain regularly.

  • Not good for cash cropping

Because this strain grows only a small yield, this is not a good strain if you wish to cash upon cannabis. And despite flowering fast and growing fast, you still can’t rely on the very small yield per plant.

How to grow to Dwarf Low Ryder Cannabis Seeds?

Dwarf strains are best grown indoors or outdoors as long as the correct growing environment is met. This strain may grow indoors or outdoors and will thrive in any soil as long as the soil has good aerating qualities.

This is a Sativa-dominant strain that will flower in just 9 to 10 weeks. With a short lifespan, you must make the most out of caring for your plants. Provide the following:

  • The best lighting to help your plants achieve their full growth potential. Remember light is life for cannabis plants.
  • The right soil for growing cannabis. The best soil is one that will absorb more water and nutrients but will drain the excess. Good soil is well-aerated soil to allow oxygen from the atmosphere to enter the roots.
  • The best water and water at the right times. Measure water pH before giving this to your plants. Water should be 6.6 pH or balanced pH so that the roots will be able to absorb nutrients better.
  • The best fertilizer mixes to provide your plants with the important nutrients it needs to grow. During the vegetative phase, your plants need fertilizer mixes with high nitrogen content but during the flowering phase, these need potassium and phosphorous to grow larger and denser buds.
  • The best growing environment with low humidity. Your plants need varying humidity levels from seeds to harvest time. But during the vegetative to flowering phase, your plants need low humidity to protect itself from molds and mildew.

Dwarf strains are short and compact. Remove large fan leaves to prevent the development of molds and mildew inside the plant structure.

Keep all these tips in mind and you’ll surely find growing Dwarf Low Ryder cannabis strains so awesome.

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