Dwarf Low Ryder Seeds for your First Grow: Is it worth it?

lowryder auto marijuana seeds

Ask cannabis breeders anywhere and you’ll get the same reply: Dwarf Lowryder Auto marijuana seeds are the best for first time growers. Why are these seeds better? Are lowrider seeds better compared to regular cannabis seeds?  Let’s find out.

What are Lowryder or Lowryder Auto Marijuana Seeds?

Low Ryder, Lowryder or lowrider seeds are from a popular cannabis strain called Lowryder. This is a strain known to be the very first autoflowering cannabis strain in the world.

Breeders who have had the chance to work with the Lowryder strain remember that this is indeed a classic strain; a ruderalis hybrid strain that popularized autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Lowryder was made by a US breeder. Because of the success of Lowryder, the breeder has been credited as the company that has created the very first commercially-successful autoflowering strain. The name Lowryder was the name of the breeder’s favorite magazine: Lowrider Magazine.

There are some strains that contested the popularity of Lowryder of the very first autoflowering strain and one of these strains was Willy’s Automatic. However, the later didn’t really replicate the features of the hybrid, therefore, Lowryder retains the title. Lowryder was also the name for the first cannabis bonsai plant.

How was Lowryder created? The breeder who made the strain shared how he was able to create Lowryder. He recalled using Northern Lights #2, Mexican Ruddy and a William’s Wonder. It took him 30 years to finally come up with Lowryder but nonetheless, all his efforts were worth it.

The Advantages of Using Dwarf Lowryder Seeds

A very popular variety of Lowryder is Dwarf Lowryder strain. These are grown from Dwarf Lowryder seeds, usually available from local or online seedbanks.

This is a hybrid strain known for its recreational and medicinal effects. Dwarf Lowryders are among the smallest autoflowering breeds and may be a good strain for first time growers,

It has a number of advantages compared to regular strains

  • This strain is cerebrally stimulating, therefore, it’s a nice recreational weed to stock up on
  • This strain can relieve pain, cramps, insomnia, stress, and nausea; its powerful medicinal effects can help patients everywhere.
  • This strain has a slow but powerful onset; the best for people looking for potent and long-lasting effects.
  • This strain comes with a mild yet earthy aroma, won’t be too strong for your neighbors to smell.
  • This strain will flower quickly and won’t require special lighting schedule to do so.
  • This strain stays short at only 40 to 45 inches. You can use this for stealth growing.
  • This strain can be grown in almost all environments: it can grow well in cold or warm climates.   
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Are there Disadvantages of using Lowryder Seeds?

  • Lowryder seeds are one of the most expensive seeds.
  • Lowryder plants are small and hence will grow only small buds. Therefore, you will only get a small yield with this strain.
  • You will have to grow more plants just to compensate on the small yield of this strain.

So are Dwarf Lowryder Auto Marijuana Seeds worth Growing?

Dwarf Low Ryder plants are smaller but will flower fast. It has a number of good qualities which might be the ideal strain for you.

  • If you want to grow cannabis secretly

The very first thing that you need to do before growing cannabis is to find out if this is legal or prohibited in your area. If it is illegal to grow weed then you have no choice but to grow your plants stealthily.

Now, Dwarf Low Ryder seeds are smaller compared to other autoflowering cannabis strains. These are so small that you can grow four mature plants inside a small cabinet. You can also stealthily grow these mini plants inside a space bucket, a stack of buckets made into a small secret growing container.

In fact, you can grow this strain without anyone noticing because it looks like a small indoor ornamental plant. But of course, don’t push your luck. If growing and consuming cannabis is not allowed in your area then better think twice about doing it.

  • If you want to grow medicinal strains at home

If you need natural pain relief using medical cannabis then there is no reason not to grow Dwarf Low Ryder seeds. This strain is known for its ability to kill pain and cramps. It can also be used to deal with insomnia, nausea, and stress.

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It’s hard to deal with pain and at the same time, you need to rely on the supply of a local dispensary to get your medicinal marijuana. When you have your own supply, you don’t need to bother with buying your supply from suppliers and dispensaries. You can save time, money and effort in the long run.

  • If you want plants with faster flowering

If you want faster-flowering plants then this is your strain. Dwarf Low Ryder plants will flower in just seven weeks and being so, you’ll be able to grow this strain twice or maybe even thrice a year.

  • If you want to save money on growing cannabis at home

What are the costs of buying your cannabis supply from a local dispensary? Even if this dispensary is an accredited business, you will still end up paying for more considering that the shop pays for its staff, the location as well as its permits to operate. Also, shops may take advantage of the increased demand for marijuana and this increases the price of the product.

It’s even worse when you purchase weed online. Usually, the cost of delivery is more expensive than what you purchased. And everything becomes more expensive when you purchase from an international site or when you take advantage of faster shipment, stealth delivery and more.

You might not get a huge yield from Dwarf Low Ryder plants but this is still marijuana you can use for recreational or medicinal needs. And if your country regulates cannabis and you are only allowed to grow a small amount of weed then this small plant may just be the strain for you.

  • If you’re a first time grower

Are you still starting to learn the ropes of growing cannabis? Well, in that case, start with easy strains such as a Dwarf Low Ryder. Aside from having faster flowering times and easy growing features, this strain is very forgiving.

You can grow this strain indoors or outdoors; it will adapt to changes in the environment easily. It won’t be fazed by the cold or heat plus if you overwater it or under water it for a certain amount of time, it will quickly recuperate.

First time growers may also have the tendency to overdo it when it comes to feeding his plants. The Dwarf Low Ryder does not require much tending and therefore won’t be too hard to cultivate. It won’t even require strict 12/12 lighting schedule just like regular cannabis plants because it is an autoflowering strain.

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Why not Grow many Dwarf Lowryder Auto Marijuana Seeds?

Indeed, Dwarf Low Ryder plants will only be able to produce a small amount of yield. This is the main reason why most growers shy away from this strain. But if you were to grow more plants to compensate for the small yield per plant then you might be able to improve your yield per harvest.

Train your Dwarf Low Ryders

Other ways to enhance the growth of Dwarf Low Ryder plants is to train these early. Training is cutting or pruning the top most parts of the plants to make way for more buds. Topping is the most popular training technique that cuts the topmost parts of the plant called the cola. Cutting this will reveal two more colas and thus increasing your yield.

Another way to train your plants is fimming or cutting higher than topping. Doing this will incredibly increase the number of your buds from one two four.

All these training techniques seem to be effective but do you know that these are very stressful to plants? So train your plants by topping or fimming these carefully.

How to purchase Dwarf Lowryder Auto Marijuana Seeds?

Dwarf Low Ryder seeds may not be readily available from a local dispensary. You may need to look for a local store which sells this strain or try your luck from an online store.

To shop online, look for a reliable cannabis online site. You should check reviews, talk to people who have ordered from this site before and get to know the terms and conditions of the site.

As much as possible, select from three or more sites to order from. Compare these sites according to the products sold, the variety of strains, the price of the strains, the payment option available and the delivery options available.

Once you have found the right cannabis dispensary to order from insisting on sites that offer guarantees for their seeds and discounts for their products. It would surely cost a lot when you order from an international site because you need to pay for deliveries, shipment and for stealth deliveries.

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