Dwarf Low Flyer Review: Your Ultimate Grow Guide for Growing Dwarf Cannabis

growing dwarf low flyer

Want to grow small strains? Are autoflowering marijuana seeds your thing? Looking for an easier cannabis plant to grow? Then growing Dwarf Low Flyer cannabis is the answer to your dreams of wanting an easy, quick, and small strain to grow.

After all, these days, it might be best to be practical because of the growing competition in the rapidly rising cannabis industry. In that sense, you might need to go for quick and easy marijuana to grow if you want to stand out in the competition. And in that regard, the Dwarf Low Flyer is there for you.


Dwarf Low Flyer is an autoflowering strain of cannabis. Its genetic background is composed of 70% indica, 20% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. This means that it is an indica-dominant autoflowering strain that gets its autoflowering capabilities from its ruderalis genetics.

A strain is known for its small size and fast-growing times, it actually got those qualities from parents that are popular for being small and quick. Its first parent is the Early Girl, which flowers in about six to seven weeks. The second one is Lowryder, known as the first true autoflowering cannabis strain in the world.

As such, Dwarf Low Flyer was able to acquire its parents’ greatest qualities and is a strain that does not take up too much of your time and space because of how quick it is to grow and because of its small size.

Genetic Background

As mentioned, the Dwarf Low Flyer is the lovechild of two of the greatest autoflowering strains in history. Early Girl was specifically meant to be a fast grower and is a reliable cannabis strain due to how quick it is to become available, how easy it is to grow, and how resistant it is to a lot of adverse conditions.

Meanwhile, the Lowryder is the creation of the Joint Doctor himself and is the first autoflowering cannabis strain in existence. At the time of its introduction, it was a revolutionary strain due to how small it is and how quick it is to grow. Lowryder got its genetics from the popular Northern Lights, Willie’s Wonder, and the mysterious Mexican Rudy.

Dwarf Low Flyer Effects

The common norm when it comes to autoflowering strains is that they are usually not the most potent buds out there. Dwarf Low Flyer follows that trend and comes at you with a mellow type of high. This indica-dominant strain only has THC levels of about 10% and is not the strongest out there. That means that it is best used by casual users or beginners who are not so keen about the potency of their marijuana.

For the more experienced users, it might take more than a few tokes to get this one to work.

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The buzz you get from this strain has a sweet and natural feel to it and does not overly make you feel sedated and stoned. It has a relaxing vibe to it and does not tend to take over your entire physical being unlike some of the stronger strains out there. It probably isn’t a potent weed of choice but it also is far from being the most mellow strain either. It’s more like a casual yet felt kind of high if anything.

That said, you probably won’t expect Dwarf Low Flyer to hit you with that sedating buzz that indicas are known for unless you have a low tolerance to cannabis. But, when taken in higher concentrations, you might get the punch you are looking for from a good indica.

For those looking for an awesome experience with this low-THC autoflowering strain, it might be better if it is taken in concentrates or in edibles so that you can get the most out of its modest potency.

Dwarf Low Flyer Medical Uses

As an indica-dominant strain, you can expect Dwarf Low Flyer to have the same medical uses as most indicas. As such, it can be a good medication for your numerous physical pains and ailments because of how effective it is at relaxing your body and relieving you of your pain.

If body pains are not your concern, you can still use Dwarf Low Flyer to help you get through tough and stressful times because of its relaxing effects. And if you are feeling a bit down emotionally, this strain can also be used to help you combat depression and its related symptoms. Overall, it is not the most potent medical marijuana strain out there but it still has its uses because of its indica effects.

Dwarf Low Flyer Flavor and Aroma

Growing Dwarf Cannabis comes at you with a scent that is common among standard cannabis plants. It has a dank and herby kind of smell that may come off as a bit strong to the nose if yours tend to be sensitive. It does have a few notes of beer and fruits underneath that scent.

The flavors have sort of the same profile. Dwarf Low Flyer tickles your tongue with a grassy and herby kind of taste that is not exactly the most appealing of flavors but is common among marijuana buds that were not bred to have a distinct taste. However, for some, this earthiness may have a bit of sweetness underneath it thanks to the fruity notes that you may also notice in its scent.

Growing Dwarf Low Flyer Seeds

Because Dwarf Low Flyer is an autoflowering plant, it certainly is not the most difficult grow in the cannabis seed industry. Actually, it might rank as one of the easiest strains to grow even when compared to the other autoflowering strains on the market.

That said, what you need to first know about  Dwarf Low Flyer Seed is that it is a really small plant that rarely grows over two feet tall. That means that it is the ideal micro grow and is a plant that you can practically store in tight spaces. You can expect it to be efficient in that regard because of how it does not take up a lot of space. That makes it the ideal plant for stealth growing as well. Another great thing about it is that it does not smell. It is practically made to be stealthy because of those qualities.

Also, Dwarf Low Flyer Seeds are quite the fast growers. After germinating them, they will grow healthy flowers in about 45 days or somewhere between six to seven weeks. It got this quality from the Early Girl strain.

Growing Dwarf Low Flyer tends to be a forgiving plant that looks after itself. You do not have to put a lot of effort into giving it all the care and love that most other cannabis plants tend to demand from you. Even if you put the bare minimum into growing this strain, you can still expect it to grow up to become a fine lady. This strain can survive well in humid and quite temperate conditions and is very resistant to a lot of adverse conditions such as molds and pests.

While it might strive in almost any kind of growing conditions, Dwarf Low Flyer tends to do well in temperatures somewhere between 25 o 30 degrees Celsius. You can also do well with it in an environment that is quite humid. And lastly, it is preferred that you give it 24 hours of light a day if you want to make sure this autoflowering plant grows quickly to its full potential.

Dwarf Low Flyer might not be your go-to strain if you want to keep your head high above the clouds on a particularly lazy day but it can be the best choice for you if you want to a mellow kind of buzz on a chilly afternoon or evening. The best part about it is that, as a grower, you do not have to worry about it. It pretty much grows and takes care of its own self in less than two months so long as you give it the minimum care it deserves. You can expect this short but generous bud to treat you to a delightful experience after it flowers.

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