10 Facts About Dwarf Low Flyer Marijuana Seeds

dwarf low flyer strain

Autoflowering cannabis plants like the Dwarf Low Flyer are known for their short flowering times, faster growth and short structure. These top qualities are what growers look for in the best strains to grow especially for first-timers. And to grow Dwarf Low Flyers, you need the best quality Dwarf Low Flyer strain marijuana. Find out where to buy these seeds and how to grow them here.  

  • Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana seeds look just like any other cannabis seeds

It’s impossible to identify a Dwarf Low Flyer from other cannabis seeds because there are no distinguishing characteristics on the seeds’ surfaces. You can’t tell from the size, shape or the hardness of the seeds either.

So how do you make sure you are ordering authentic Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana seeds? First things first, order only from reputable cannabis shops and seedbanks. Reputable marijuana seedbanks will have positive reviews, guarantees for the quality of their products and reliable payment and delivery options.

Take time looking for the best seedbank so you can be sure that you are ordering and growing good seeds that will grow into good plants.

  • You can grow Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors.

Dwarf Low Flyer cannabis plants are very adaptable to any growing environment which is why it can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Aside from being a versatile strain, the DLF has a compact structure. The plant stays small but branches out to create a compact and dense plant structure. Because of this, you can grow this plant stealthily indoors as well as outdoors.

Because of its short life span, it can grow indoors or outdoors. It flowers in just 6 weeks, therefore, you can easily adjust the time you germinate your seeds and see to it that your plants flower just before the climate becomes colder.

And when it comes to growing cannabis in secret, there’s nothing like using small cannabis strains like the Dwarf Low Flyer. A plant stands only a few centimeters tall therefore you can cultivate this even in an indoor growing room, cabinet or tent.

  • You can test your Dwarf Low Flyer seeds for viability.

Dwarf Low Flyer seeds may look like all other cannabis strains seeds but just like other seeds, you can tell if it is viable or not. There are a few indicators of seed viability, especially for cannabis seeds.

  • Seed color
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The seed color will give you a hint if it is viable or not. Viable cannabis seeds are dark colored; the color can range from dark brown to black. If you have green or white seeds, discard them. These are immature seeds and therefore will never sprout. And if these seeds ever sprout, the plant that will grow will be weak and will never reach the flowering phase.

  • Seed hardness

If you can hold the seeds, feel them in between your thumb and index finger. Lightly press on the seed and see if it moves or compresses. Viable cannabis seeds are very hard and will never press. Only immature seeds will open with just one press. If this happens, discard this seed.

  • Seed smoothness

Viable cannabis seeds have a smooth surface There shouldn’t be any creases, pits, grooves or holes on the seed surface. If you spot openings or holes as well as creases and pits, discard the seeds. These will never sprout.

  • Seed markings

You may find seeds with unique markings such as dots, stripes, and spots. Don’t throw these seeds away because these marks mean that the seeds are mature. It won’t take very long for your seeds to sprout.

Should you germinate an open seed? Discard seeds that are open because this means that the insides are already dried up and thus will never  

  • Seed weight

Now, this is a tricky way to test the viability of seeds. You need to place the seeds inside a glass full of water and leave it for a short while. You will soon notice seeds that will sink and seeds that will float.

Seeds that have sunk are viable seeds; these are heavy seeds because these contain viable insides. Meanwhile, seeds that will float are light because these don’t contain viable insides. Remove the floating seeds and keep the viable sinking seeds.

  • All Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana seeds are feminized

You may have seen seedbanks selling feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds and consumers usually think of these as a good deal since this type of cannabis seed is the most expensive. The most affordable (cheap) seeds are regular cannabis seeds, second only are feminized seeds, third are autoflowering seeds and finally the most expensive are feminized autoflowering seeds.

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Usually, you don’t need to worry about male autoflowering seeds because most autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminized while all Dwarf Low Flyer seeds are feminized as well.

What are feminized seeds? These are cannabis seeds that are all female and thus there’s no need to worry about male plants that could accidentally fertilize your female plants.

  • A Dwarf Low Flyer strain was made using a three-way cross breeding.

A Dwarf Low Flyer strain has a unique lineage. It was made by mixing the genes of an Early Girl, Low Rider, and an unknown ruderalis strain.

An Early Girl is a lovely indica strain that has a lazy and relaxed effect. It grows a compact and strong form and has a short flowering time of just 7 to 8 weeks. It is ideally grown outdoors but it can also be cultivated indoors.

Meanwhile, a Low Ryder strain is an autoflowering cannabis strain that can grow extremely fast. It is short, versatile and easy to grow and is used for different medical conditions including pain and stress.

  • Dwarf Low Flyer plants have a compact structure

This strain has a compact structure and thus will remain small so you can use it for stealthily growing cannabis. However, there is some disadvantage to this design.

When plants have a compact structure, moisture can build inside the plant body and this increases the possibility of developing molds and mildew.

So the trick to reducing mold and mildew growth is to prune your plants regularly. Removing large fan leaves will greatly improve the humidity levels inside the plant and will also prevent mold growth inside the buds.

  • Dwarf Low Flyer plants have the shortest flowering times.

The Dwarf Low Flyer strain has one of the shortest flowering times. It’s impressive that autoflowering cannabis can flower in just 7 to 9 weeks but what about plants that can bloom in just six weeks?

The Low Flyer is one of these seeds. You can get results in just a few weeks plus you can even grow this two to three times a year.   

  • Dwarf Low Flyers are indica –dominant strains.

Dwarf Low Flyers are autoflowering cannabis plants but apart from this is the strain is also an indica-dominant strain. So aside from its prominent ruderalis characteristics like faster flowering times, short life spans and compact size, you may also expect a strain with relaxing effects and short structure.

  • Dwarf Low Flyers only have less than average yields.
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Possibly one of the downsides of growing Dwarf Low Flyers is that this has below average yields. This has something to do with the small structure of the plant which gives rise to small buds.

Small buds will give small yields. So to compensate for this, most growers cultivate a lot of plants. Some also use training techniques such as pruning, topping, and fimming.

Topping is cutting right below the bud or topmost cola. This technique will produce two separate colas. Fimming, on the other hand, is cutting immediately below the bud to get four separate colas.

These strategies are very effective but may pose a lot of stress to plants. Topping and fimming will also affect harvest time as it might postpone harvest time.  

  • Dwarf Low Flyers will grow well in 12 to 18 hours of light daily.

Autoflowering strains like the Dwarf Low Flyer do not need any special lighting to stimulate flowering. Regular strains need a 12/12 light/dark schedule to stimulate flowering. However, autos do not require this and will simply bloom according to the maturity of the plant.

When it comes to proper lighting, the best has to be LED lighting. LED lamps are available in different colors, brightness, and intensity. These will shine brightly but won’t make the growing area hot. LED bulbs will also light longer and will take time to burn out. LED lamps are also energy efficient which is why it’s the most common type of lamp for cannabis growing.

Where to find Dwarf Low Flyer Marijuana Seeds?

You can purchase Dwarf Low Flyer strain from local or online dispensaries and seedbanks. If you want to purchase from an online seedbank, make sure that the site is reputable and has guarantees for their seeds.

Take your time when buying marijuana seeds online or offline. Shop smart and you’ll soon find top quality cannabis seeds.


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