Dwarf Autoflowering Weeds: The Fastest Strains to Grow

autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds

Marijuana cultivators nowadays have a lot of access to different types of seeds they could think of. From feminized to autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds, everything is now available in the market. And if you are truly lucky, you just might be the first grower to introduce a hybrid with unique effects to the marijuana industry.

With the high demands of the marijuana cultivators, marijuana seed banks and companies are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the industry. They do this by researching and experimenting with thousands of seeds that are available in the world.

Seeds that can give off different features of the cannabis plant are now locally available in most states. You can choose from small to tall ones, high or low THC levels or even those perfect for outdoors or indoors planting, even the possible effects of the plants can now be chosen.

If you are a novice cultivator or someone who has recently thought of growing your pot, a good suggestion is for you to use dwarf autoflowering seeds. This type of seed is also great for those who live in a state with no concrete laws on growing marijuana at home.

What are Dwarf Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

If you have done your research before this, you should know that autoflowering weeds are the plants that enter the flowering stage at a faster rate. This is also a crossbreed between indica or sativa species with the ruderalis species. The ruderalis lineage came from cold regions such as Russia and China and because of this, autoflowering plants can fight off molds, pests, and diseases related to cold temperatures all by themselves.

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Autoflowering plants are also known to give off a higher percentage of yield and thus affecting the harvest time. Cultivators enjoy the experience of having to harvest even on the most unusual time of the year such as the extreme winter season. 

Although autoflowering plants are really small plants, to begin with, a product of crossbreeding different strains will result in a dwarf plant. By using dwarf autoflowering cannabis seeds, you might have plants that are even smaller than the small autoflowering plants, it will all depend on the marijuana strains used.

Why Cultivators use this Type of Seed?

A good reason is that of the high quality of buds and high yield ratio it gives compared to other cannabis seeds. Growers have only one thing in mind and that is getting as much quality buds for another cultivation. By giving them a doubled opportunity to harvest with an assurance of high-quality buds, it ensures the stability of weed production for the grower. 

Another reason for this is, it’s the perfect plant for those who don’t want people to know that they are growing marijuana. Due to its small size and capability to be planted for both indoors and outdoors, you can easily hide the plant. Dwarf autoflowering plants can also blend in very well with your other plants as this will not grow into a tree. This is a good avenue for pursuing your marijuana cultivation passion while shying away from the stigma of people.

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Dwarf Autoflowering Weed Strains with the Fastest Growth

The following are dwarf autoflowering weed strains that have been proven to have the fastest growth. If you an impatient cultivator, this will serve as your guide for your marijuana garden.

  • Royal Dwarf

This is a crossbreed between Easy Bud and the Skunk and cultivators can harvest the buds as early as 6-8 weeks. The plant can reach 40-60 cm when grown indoors or outdoors and can produce 60g of produce when harvested. 

Royal Dwarf users reported having a mild head high with a relaxing full body stone. With a lower dosage, it will take effect between 10-15 minutes but for a higher one, it will kick in just 5 minutes. 

  • Little Dwarf

The Little Dwarf autoflowering seeds only need a short life cycle that will take 55-65 days. The plant will reach 40-100cm when planted indoors or outdoors. You can harvest 40-80g produce for each plant.

The effect of Little Dwarf is known to enhance creativity, sensational, and happy feelings. It’s considered to give off a certain social high and can be enjoyed during daytime and nighttime. 

  • Red Dwarf Auto

The Red Dwarf Auto is a mix of White Dwarf and a Strong Skunk and then crossed with a Ruderalis. Cultivators can harvest the buds within 8-9 weeks after sprouting and the plant can give medium yield. It can grow from 40-60 cm for both indoor and outdoor planting. 

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Since Red Dwarf came from the Skunk family, you can anticipate its strong and powerful effect. It’s the perfect habit after a tiring day since it will give you a relaxing and stoned feeling. The medicinal effects of Red Dwarf Auto are famous for alleviating migraine, muscle tension and pain.

  • White Dwarf

This plant is a mix of indica species with the ruderalis species. The plant enters the flowering stage as early as 2 months regardless of the light period, harvest time will come quickly after. White Dwarf is a relatively short and discreet plant perfect for both indoor and outdoor planting. This is perfect for debut growers.

The effects are almost the same as the others, relaxing feeling with no stoning effect. Good for relaxation with a feeling of a little kick.

  • Hobbit

Well known for producing high-quality strains despite a short flowering stage of 65 days. It is considered a balanced hybrid mixed with Ginger Ale and an unknown ruderalis strain. Expect to get an ounce per seed during harvest time. THC level at 15%, considered above average, can be used for morning and evening routines. 

Hobbit which came from the characters of the Lord of the Rings can be used to treat mood swings, depression, insomnia, and even hypertension. The aroma is a sweet, pleasant, and sugary strawberry flavor that will always haunt the consumers and make them come back for more. 

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