How Discreet is the Shipping Method for Ordering Autoflowering Weed Seeds

discreet shipping marijuana order

If you buy auto-flowering marijuana seeds and other sativa and Indica marijuana varieties from an online seed bank, make sure that the seed bank offers worldwide discreet shipping marijuana order. They have a lot of ways on how to keep the seeds stealthy. They might be shipped inside a sex toy, t-shirt, CD, flashdrive, pen, marker, birthday card, business envelope, and a lot more.

Some marijuana seed banks give you the option to choose which method they will use for your order. Some won’t let you choose. They will just use the best option that will work for your country. These online marijuana seed banks have been doing this for quite some time now so they already know how to handle things in their end.

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It isn’t legal to buy marijuana seeds if you are in a country where marijuana is not legal. However, the internet has no government and no country owns it so any online marijuana seed bank is free to sell their seeds on the internet.

Discreet Shipping Marijuana Order In Customs

The internet has both the registered and bogus companies. Make sure that you are buying from a legitimate company who really ships their high quality seed items to their customers. The only way to know that they are a real deal is by reading reviews on the internet or by asking people about them. The best place to start with is forums.

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You won’t get in trouble with the authorities if your seeds are intercepted by customs. They might just send you a letter saying that importing agricultural products like seeds is not permitted. Seeds are seeds and nothing else and there are no laws about seeds. They are not weed yet.

Nobody has been sent to jail with seeds except for those who are too obvious. For as long as you order from an marijuana seed bank who are familiar with your laws and ship your order discreetly then you won’t be in trouble.

If the world accepts marijuana as a legal medicine, then these problems would be avoided. It has helped a lot of people so it should be in every household’s medical kit. Marijuana is a gift of nature. We should not be deprive from it.

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