Controlling Bugs and Pests on Your Cannabis Autoflower Plants: The Effective Ways to Do It

controlling pests on cannabis autoflower

Pests can either be a stray plant, an insect, or an animal that poses a risk to your cannabis autoflower plants, be it in terms of plant health or your yield. Pests are living organisms that carry with them diseases or they can be living things that invade or pose harm to your cannabis garden. This article shall discuss in detail the best methods on how to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside and controlling pests on cannabis autoflower the right way.

If you anticipate your future cannabis yields, you will not have full control of that will be their gender using the regularly sought techniques of fertilization. Taking measures on how to produce autoflower feminized seeds from the female plant is one best to get profitable yields. The idea behind taking this measure is that you are generating a higher amount of THC that will be taken out of your yield through the female crops.

Controlling Pests on your Cannabis Autoflower

Depending on what kind of pest you need to deal with, there are different methods on how to deal with them on your cannabis autoflower plants. Thus, just like any other plant, there are different procedures on how to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside. Make sure that your pest removal methods can specifically target the problem at the source. In most cases, people will opt to either uses homemade methods, buy commercial products, or use traps to deal with different pests.

1. DIY Methods

DIY methods will typically make use of common household items to make poisons or chemicals that can kill a wide variety of pests so that you can successfully grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside. What is ideal about using DIY methods is that they are typically cheap and easy to do. They are less likely to cause any problems with children or pets.

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The downside of this method is that they are typically not very effective. It might take a lot of time for them to work or they might not be able to provide any good results at all. Some examples include using baking soda against roaches, essential oils for rats, and even cinnamon for ants.

​2. Using Commercial Products

When it comes to commercial products, these will typically come in the form of foggers, poisons, and even ultrasonic repellents. These products are better in providing results since they are specifically formulated or designed to repel or kill bugs or pests when you grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside.

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, one of the worldwide sensational marijuana influencer, a good example of these products is the ultrasonic pest repeller that uses sound to keep pests like rats and other vermin away from a specific area of your home. This product does not kill the pests, it is easy to use, there are no clean-ups necessary and you will not have to deal with harmful substances.

3. Using Traps

This is another way of getting rid of pests when you grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outside physically without having to use toxins. These can be used for some large insects like roaches but they are more commonly used for large animals such as moles, squirrels, rats, and mice. These traps can either kill or just capture the pests.

​​4. Using Natural Methods

To keep pests away when growing autoflowering cannabis seeds outside,  you can also utilize natural methods. You can plant aromatics around the house to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. You can even use predator urine to help keep deer, rats, raccoons, and other animal pests away. In most cases, the smell can be used as a significant detrimental factor to keep most of the pests away. You can also use their sight against them by putting up plastic molds of their natural predators around your area. As for weeds, you can make sure that your lawn stays green to help prevent weed growth.

​The Different Pests That You Might Encounter At Your Cannabis Plants

#1 Cockroaches

Cockroaches or roaches are very common all over the world. These are small black or brown insects that have a distinct pattern on the back. There are many roach species and the most common one is the American cockroach or the palmetto bug. They carry with them deadly pathogens and they also bite.
Some of the best roach killing methods include:

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Cockroach Gel Bait

​This product attracts roaches and slowly kills them using a poison. Roaches can die after a few days and it can also be used to kill larvae if the roaches take the bait with them into their nest.

​Boric Acid

​This product kills roaches on contact. You only need to use a light dusting of this powder and it can also be used to reach treat cracks and crevices.


​The most common roach killer is available. It uses a pesticide that forms into small droplets and kills the roaches that come into contact within minutes.

​Liquid Insecticide

​This is commonly used by professional exterminators. It is a toxic chemical in liquid form and it is typically sprayed onto different surfaces through an applicator.

​#2 Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can live inside the mattress or the bed. It can also live inside different types of furniture especially the sofa. This pest can cause diseases and they are known to bite and cause severe allergic reactions. Their bite marks are difficult to identify but can be unsightly.

Some of the best ways to kill bed bug include:

​Diatomaceous Earth

This product can lacerate bed bugs’ exoskeleton and kill them slowly upon contact. It can be used in areas where bed bugs thrive.

Bed Bug Insecticide

​These insecticides are specifically formulated for bed bugs. They need to be able to kill these stubborn insects and they should also penetrate deeply into different surfaces.

​Their Detrimental Effects on Your Cannabis Plants

Pests Can Carry Diseases

​These organisms are known to carry a wide array of pathogens. In most cases, they can damage our health by causing common diseases or an upset stomach at the very least. They can also carry deadly ones depending on what specific pest it is.

​Pests Compromise Food and Water

​The disease pests carry will not just transfer to us through physical contact. These pests can also contaminate our food and water, especially if they are not properly stored, by leaving behind parasites and bacteria.

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​They Bite

​These pests are also known to bite humans. In most cases, they can easily harm our children by physically attacking them. Animal pests’ bites can put humans at risk for rabies and tetanus. Insect pests can also cause irritations and allergic reactions.

​They Destroy Property

​Large pests can live inside your attic and raid your pantry at night. Small insect pests can infest your home by hiding in inaccessible areas and even in your bed. Plant pests can invade your lawn and kill grasses. They can also make your lawns look very ugly.

Conclusion: Controlling Pests on Cannabis Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Outside

The primary need for roses is good soil. Although they are known to be able to grow in different kinds of soil, roses can easily thrive in soil that has a pH of 6.3 to 6.8. Roses need to be watered, but the soil needs to drain well, which is why some gardeners add gypsum to their garden’s soil.

Roses typically grow in spring, though the exact time varies depending on what type of rose you are planting. Many of the heirloom or All-America rose selections are very robust and they can easily thrive on different climates. Roses will need to be watered at least twice a week, but you should avoid drowning them.

You can add ground limestone or ground sulfur depending on the acidity of the soil and you can also add organic matter and even a small penny nail to provide the rose with nutrients and minerals. Cover the roses with mulch especially during summer so that the water in the soil will not easily dry out.

Roses rely heavily on the condition of the soil to grow. This is why some gardeners say that you can grow roses even though there is not much sunlight available. Not many will recommend this however since ideally the roses should be planted in areas that have sunlight at least for a few hours.

In effect, pests are considered a nuisance. However, the term pest should be considered loosely. A pet, in one area, can be considered beneficial but in another, he’s a pest. With that said, even cats can be considered pests if hoards of them attack your farm and harm chicks. Controlling pests on cannabis autoflower is the best way to do.

While most people will opt for methods that can kill these pets, care must be considered when it comes to animals. This is because our laws today protect most of them and it would be inhumane to use methods that are deadly to them especially if it is unnecessary and if other methods are available.

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