Concerns about Buying Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Buy Auto-flowering Marijuana Seeds

When you decide to order cannabis seeds, you need to know several things first. This is necessary for you to avoid a run-in with the law or getting confused along the way. Conducting a research through forums and blogs is a good way to go. You can always ask growers about their experiences and learn from their mistakes.

Is it Legal to Buy Auto -flowering Marijuana Seeds?

This is the first thing that you should know about. The tolerance to any marijuana related activities varies. A state can be very tolerant and accept a maximum of 10 plants per person while another can limit it to 3 plants. There are also those who require a certain fee for growing them. It is best practice to know the laws in your area.

When I Order Seeds Online, is it a Good Idea to Have it Ship at My House?

After you order auto-flowering pot seeds online, you can have it shipped anywhere. It is a good idea to ship it to a friend’s or cousin’s house. This will give a more discreet approach. Shipping to your garden is definitely a bad call. Some sites offer a shipping that doesn’t require any signature. Also, use a public email address when completing a transaction. Keep in mind that being discreet when it comes to cannabis related activities always helps.

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Is it Okay to Use Credit Cards When I Purchase Discount Auto-flowering Seeds?

Yes, it is okay to use your credit card to pay for your seeds. This is one of the easiest and most convenient way to do so. There are no personal contact thus keeping your identity a secret. Most companies nowadays will destroy your information on their system once the transaction is complete.

Does Auto-flowering Seeds Produce Lesser Yield?

Yes, it does. With its small structure, an auto-flowering pot plant will produce lesser yield when compared to a regular plant. However, with its rapid turnover, they can offer several harvest within a year unlike a feminized or a regular marijuana plant.

In buying seeds online, make sure to double check about the companies to avoid being scammed. You can always read on forums, ask growers, follow blogs and even call their customer service. It is best that you have everything planned out before you start buying and growing marijuana to lessen any screw up along the way. Remember that a good harvest always starts with the seed.

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