Celebrating Canada Day with Cannabis!

celebrating Canada day with cannabis

With Canada Day right around the corner, a lot of events and festivities await Canadian citizens as they celebrate the most beloved and highly-awaited day of their country. It is an event that seeks to celebrate the Confederation which took place in 1867 when Canada, after years of conflict, finally came under one flag. As such, it is quite an important day in the history of this beloved country. Parades, festivals, fireworks, and happy people all litter the streets as Canadians all come together to experience this annual celebration.  Celebrating Canada Day with Cannabis!

One of the main changes that had just recently come into play is the legalization of cannabis. You see, up until recent times, cannabis had been technically illegal to use and cultivate throughout the whole of Canada. But last 2018, a bill had been passed that ultimately led to drastic changes in the culture and economy of Canada as we know it. This bill was the Cannabis Act of 2018.


The Cannabis Act of 2018 was a bill that was developed to legalize the widespread use and cultivation of cannabis and other marijuana-related products all across the country of Canada. The passing of this bill marked one of the most important days in cannabis history, eventually paving the way for numerous other countries to consider the legalization of marijuana. 

The support and push for this bill had been going on for many years. Ever since the early 2010s, there have been multiple hearings and rallies that aimed to provide the Canadian government with enough reason to legalize the use of both medical and recreational cannabis. Soon after, the year 2017 saw a draft of this bill passed, which heightened the hopes of cannabis enthusiasts and advocates alike. In June 2018, the final bill was passed and was deemed effective four months later on October 17, 2018. 

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Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day up until 1982, is an annual holiday celebrated as a nationwide event all across the country of Canada. This day is widely considered as “Canada’s birthday” due to the history and background surrounding it. It celebrates The British North Americas Act, which was passed on July 1st, 1867. This bill aimed to bring the four provinces of the Federation together and unite them under one Canadian flag. These provinces were Quebec, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

This event produces many outdoor activities, concerts, festivals, parades, and all other sorts of celebrations that aim to bring people together. Oftentimes, you will see barbecue stands and food stalls littering the streets. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the fun-filled activities during the day and nighttime parties later on. If you plan on taking a visit during this holiday, make sure to pack an extra set of clothes. It is quite common for splashes of red and white paint to be spread around to each individual.  


The year 2019 marked the first time people could celebrate the renowned Canada Day while marijuana was fully legalized. As such, this paved the way for several people to be excited about lighting up a joint during Canada’s birthday. But what exactly was Canada Day like with legalized marijuana? Is it as simple as that?

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Is it legal to smoke marijuana during Canada Day?  

Technically, Canada Day aims to celebrate other more important things than cannabis. So while it does seem perfectly legal to smoke marijuana during this day, that shouldn’t be your main point of focus. But here’s the catch! Something that people may have seemed to forget is that Canada Day and Cannabis Day are celebrated on the same day! Keep in mind, however, that this is a distinctly different occasion from the famous “4/20” Weed Day.

This means that many other festivals and events tie up together in certain areas around Canada. As such, this makes marijuana and other weed products entirely accessible during Canada Day. Statistics have proven that there has been a significant increase in marijuana consumption during the celebration of Canada Day. This should be expected as it does coincide with Vancouver’s Cannabis Day. In a recent study, reports have shown that a 25% increase in the use of cannabis comes during this holiday. Additionally, the bulk of this comes from the regions of Alberta and Atlantic Canada where around ¼ of their population plan on lighting up some joints during the festivities and parades of celebrating Canada Day with Cannabis. 

Here are some other events and places that you can check out during Canada Day/ Cannabis Day if you wanna get your THC fix on:

  • With Cannabis Day mainly being celebrated in Vancouver, you can head on down to Thornton Park and try out some of the best cannabis strains in Canada. It is a day filled with cannabis taste tests, smoking sessions, and other socializing activities.
  • Canada’s “Silent Disco” event is one of the most unique and exciting events you can attend during Canada/Cannabis Day’s celebration. While it is a social gathering for people to enjoy themselves and meet up with some fellow Canadians and tourists, it is also a marijuana haven where around 80% of the people you meet will probably be high and tripped up. 
  • Coquitlam’s Park is perfect if you plan on taking a peaceful stroll and enjoying the view of the city’s lake. As you could guess, it is the perfect place to chill out and relax….with a joint of weed. The calming and vibrant vibe that this place gives off is an ideal place to smoke some pot. Indica strains will work beautifully in this kind of setup.
  • Lastly, your Canada Day celebration wouldn’t be complete without heading to Vancouver’s downtown party after sundown. With booming music and wild parties, this place would feel like a Disneyland for college kids. Cannabis joints would most likely be passed around here and there so you won’t have to worry about trying to get your hands on some weed in this part of town. 
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Overall, Canada Day is the perfect day to celebrate the independence and history of one of the best countries in the world. Additionally, because Canada is particularly known for its lively and bustling cannabis scene, weed smokers and enthusiasts will enjoy celebrating Canada Day with Cannabis here. It is a must-try tourist vacation for anyone that wants to experience the unique and exciting cannabis scene in Canada.

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