Cannabis Comparison: Autoflower VS Regular Seeds

autoflowering cannabis seeds vs regular

During these days, there exist hundreds of cannabis and Sativa strains that are widely patronized by thousands of its clients worldwide. The tremendous development of recreational and medicinal purposes of cannabis strains in the marketplace is fast-changing. Thus, understanding the features of autoflowering cannabis seeds vs regular seeds is a hot topic with regards to which one is a better choice or a more profitable one.

The 21st-century model of comparison for autoflowering cannabis seeds vs regular ones has been based on its sales and reviews by its clients are stated by the cannabis stores. The thriving options in e-commerce require a better understanding between the two as there exist hundreds to thousands of growers in the global community.

The Debate: Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Vs Regular

The tandem between consumers and cultivators has made the evolution in the trend and diversity of each to attain the finest and phenomenal high-quality THC content. The most recent breakthrough that has made a sound in the field of cannabis breeding and growing is the CBD-rich filled medically strain. It is said to be that these strains come from the fourth generation of autoflowering cannabis which is a super strain among its cousin strains.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

As the so-called ‘natural bred’ cannabis strains seeds, the regular cannabis seeds are the ones that are bred from the female and male plant parents through sexual means of pollination. It has declined recently except in the farmlands of North America. These are the traditional plants that are bred by traditional farmers that would tend to stick with breeding a male parent and a female parent all at once to bear good yields.

The home cannabis growers in almost all European countries have completely switched in using just female crops with the use of seeds of feminized cuttings or buds. The usage of regular seeds has been only with the remaining 10% of the cannabis growers and farmers in the current marketing platforms of marijuana strains.

Dr. Rachna Patel, who is known to be a cannabis entrepreneur has highlighted seasoned breeders and growers has cultivated the regular cannabis strains. For every purchase, there will be 10 seeds in total and these are commonly a mixture of 5 female seeds and 5 male seeds. It is said to be that those are experts in growing cannabis seeds are the ones who are more successful in this. The majority of male seeds come for every pack since this brings the male pollen to fertilize the female plants. But you can choose which is which since it is a marketing strategy of each cannabis store.

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It goes a long way until such time that the male cannabis plants must be seen and then taken out of the fields during the early blooming stage to avoid the wrong method of pollination of the female plants. The error comes whenever the weeds in the seeds appear causing the error. Thus, planting regular cannabis seeds means taking extra effort and time to have everything cultivated/

Another benefit that growers can get from cultivating the regular cannabis seeds is that the natural female cannabis plants that grow from this traditional method of planting can be taken cyclically. The varieties of mainstream strains of marijuana remain available by just growing the regular versions of cannabis seeds. Purple weeds are hard to grow so growing these can be a good idea also.

Lastly, all mother plants must be derived from the regular version of cannabis seeds produces a better version of clones than the feminized or the autoflowering cannabis seeds. The organic method of cultivating, cultivating, and breeding of cannabis plants remains as chosen by the old-aged growers since it is less expensive and has better options to be controlled in one way or another.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Considered as the rising stars of cannabis plants for the last decade, the trend for growing autoflowering cannabis seeds has refined the breeding methods of the photoperiod strains of cannabis plants. If you can remember, the past 10 years have hybridized and created super auto strains which are the amazing version of cannabis strains.

These offered higher yields and better THC content which boosted mouth-watering flavors and aroma of cannabis strains.

Also, the hot debate between autoflowering cannabis seeds vs regular cannabis seeds has made the fans of the former one to grow outrageous infighting that it is the better cannabis strain. This is because they are completely independent and photoperiod bearing a short span of the lifecycle. Moreover, the high-performance autoflowering seeds are cultivated indoors so it will be less expensive and more likely to be less maintenance.

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The most popular strains of autoflowering cannabis seeds such as Royal Jack Automatic and Northern Lights Auto can be harvest as early as eight weeks or maybe 10 weeks if growing indoors. Regular strains may take up to 12 weeks before you can harvest your yield out of your cannabis plants. The outdoor method of growing has been favored by these autoflowering cannabis seeds since it loves the sunlight so much. They can just go ahead and squeeze their cannabis plantation into smaller space and they bear a good yield.

Sunlight Amount: Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds vs Regular Cannabis Seeds

There are a lot of people who love to grow cannabis seeds. Unfortunately, not all of them have wide-open spaces that can provide ample sunlight to their flowering plants. Some yards are surrounding by large trees or by large buildings, and many of these homeowners want to know if they can still grow roses.

Cannabis seeds can only grow in areas where their growth requirements are met. These plants need good soil that can also provide good drainage. Most gardeners also suggest that if you want to grow them, the cannabis garden should ideally have unobstructed access to sunlight so that the marijuana plant will be able to thrive.

There are marijuana cultivars that will need more shade rather than sunlight. This is why you need to know more about what type of rose you are planting so you can give it precisely what it needs. Keep in mind that roses are known to reward the hard work of gardeners with beautiful auto flowers and amazing aroma.

How Much Sun Do Cannabis Plants Need?

Experienced gardeners say that cannabis plants will need as much as 5-6 hours of full sunlight per day. They highly recommend that the plants be grown in areas that are sunny so that they can grow strong. These areas also have more protection from pests, allowing you to keep your roses away from disease.

Sunlight is also needed for cannabis buds to bloom. In most cases, autoflowering cannabis seeds that are planted in the shade or areas with less sunlight will bloom less. Morning sunlight is very important for the cannabis seeds, this is because it can help dry out the moisture on the leaves faster and help deter fungi from growing on them.

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However, there are cannabis seeds varieties that can grow in the shade. These varieties are typically from woodland-dwelling roses or wild roses. These roses can easily survive and thrive despite the lack of direct sunlight.

They can also produce blooms that can brighten dark areas or bleach out under the sun.

Unless you have cannabis seeds, it is highly discouraged that you grow typical cannabis seeds varieties if you have a marijuana garden that cannot get ample sunlight. Although your roses will grow, they will weaken and eventually die out over time.

How Can You Make It Work?

If the autoflowering cannabis seeds or the regular ones in your garden are no longer getting enough sunlight, you can have them transferred to a more suitable area. Just make sure that you cut them back in spring or fall, but never during summer as they will not be able to tolerate dry heat without support.

To transplant them, you need to dig a hole that is bigger than what the cannabis plants are currently occupying. You should also use aged manure or a lot of organic matter so that they can easily survive the process. Make sure that the hole is deep enough and that the soil in the area can offer good drainage.

If not, you should make holes in the soil to allow water to drain properly. If your property does not have areas with 5-6 hours of sun, then you need to look for spots where the roses can get at least a couple of hours of sun in the morning or the afternoon.

Cannabis seeds are some of the most beautiful plants you can grow in your garden. For them to thrive and produce beautiful blooms, they will need soil that is rich in nutrients, enough water as well as 5-6 hours of sunlight per day. But because they are very resilient, they can grow in less than optimum conditions.

For them to grow, the gardener has to provide the plant with support in the form of fertilizers and minerals that can help condition the soil for its growth. Cannabis gardeners can also opt to transfer cannabis seeds bushes in strategic areas so that they can have as much sunlight as possible.

If sunlight does not directly hit the garden, I highly recommend that you plant cannabis seeds varieties since they are more capable of growing in the shade. Although typical roses will not die right away in the shade, you can expect them to weaken over time until you take the necessary measures to save them.

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