How Growers Define Candy Cane Marijuana

candy cane marijuana seeds

Sour, sweet and fruity, this is how growers define Candy Cane marijuana. This is an indica-dominant strain made by combining three of the most potent and the most aromatic cannabis strains in the market. If you want to grow this fruity-candy strain, look for top quality Candy Cane marijuana seeds from a local dispensary or an online marijuana seedbank.

What is Candy Cane Marijuana?

Candy Cane is an indica-dominant autoflowering strain made by a very popular Canadian breeder. This was made by combining three very popular strains resulting in a strain with a sour-fruity taste and smell. When it comes to effects, Candy Cane comes with intense euphoric effects that can help you fight stress and anxiety.

Since Candy Cane is an autoflowering strain, these will be ready to flower in just seven weeks of growth. Because of its rapid flowering, you can grow this plant two to three times a year if the growing environment is right.

It will give you huge yields too and it doesn’t matter if you grow it indoors or outdoors too. It is a versatile plant that can easily adapt to indoor or outdoor environments. So if you are looking for a high-yielding, quick strain, Candy Cane marijuana may be your best choice.   

Where did Candy Cane come from?

Candy Cane is the product of a three-way cross between three of the most powerful strains in the market: Mango, AK-47 and a White Widow.

Mango is a classic indica strain that has been igniting consumers since the early 1960s. But in 1991, someone made the right move and crossed it with a KC 33 to create the delicious strain we love today. Mango has a sweet taste with a relaxing, euphoric and talkative effect.

Meanwhile, AK-47 is another intense strain that is exactly the opposite of its name. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a steady, longer-lasting effect that will keep you alert and creative. AK-47 has a sour and earthy smell and aroma that will linger on.

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White Widow, on the other hand, is a balanced hybrid known for being one of the most popular strains on the planet. This classic strain comes with buds that are fully loaded with crystals. It offers a powerful euphoria with energy that can be felt ASAP.

Together, these three strains have created a juicy strain with impressive effects plus a delicious aroma and taste. And aside from being a wonderful recreational strain, Candy Cane is also a popular therapeutic strain.

What are the Natural effects of Candy Cane Strain?

Candy Cane is a relaxing strain. It can elicit a positive, happy mood that will keep you light and relaxed. You will also experience euphoria but this won’t last for a very long time.

Another natural effect of this strain is sleepiness and intense hunger especially when the effects are starting to wear off. This is why most people use Candy Cane to relieve insomnia and resolve a lack of appetite.

And just like any other cannabis strains, expect strong effects especially if you are new to consuming this strain. It is also possible to experience the opposite. The effects won’t matter much if you have had this strain on a regular basis.   

Is Candy Cane Marijuana also a Medicinal Strain?

Candy Cane comes with a natural relaxing effect. This is why it is commonly used to relieve insomnia. You may also use this indica to deal with pain including headaches, muscle pains and muscle strains.

Candy Cane can also reduce inflammation and therefore it’s for people with migraine headaches and arthritis. It may also relieve intra-ocular pressure around the eye area to relieve symptoms of glaucoma and prevent blindness.

And aside from the mentioned medical effects, Candy Cane may also be used to relieve stress and anxiety. It comes with natural mood elevating effects which can match even the most potent anti-anxiety medications.

What are the Side Effects of Candy Cane?

Candy Cane is a good recreational and medicinal strain to try but aside from these it also comes with a number of negative effects. It can give you dry mouth and dry eyes, two of the most common side effects due to its moderately –high THC levels.

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Candy Cane users may also experience dizziness, paranoia as well as slight anxiety. These side effects are also from its potent THC content and may be more prominent especially when you are new to using this strain.

How to deal with the side effects of Candy Cane? Consume this moderately or at least half of your prescribed dose first. Despite having mild, relaxing effects, Candy Cane may still be too powerful for novice users.

What is the Smell and Flavor of Candy Cane Marijuana?

This indica wonder has a pungent, tropical, minty and sweet fragrance. When smoked, you will instantly experience its sweet, tropical, menthol, mango and fruity flavors. Sometimes the taste is likened to tropical mango, something that you want to drink as you relax under the summer sun.

For growers, it’s easy to distinguish Candy Cane from other strains. All a grower needs to do is to break the buds apart in his hands to smell its fantastic smell.

This aroma and taste will linger in the roof of your mouth and in your nose. This aftertaste will remain even hours after you took the final to exhale.  

How do you Grow Candy Cane Marijuana Seeds?

Growing Candy Cane is simple, even a novice can get good results with this strain. People who wish to grow this strain needs top quality Candy Cane marijuana seeds to start. You will be able to get the best quality seeds only from reputable online cannabis shops as well as local seedbanks.

Indoors vs outdoor growing

The ideal growing environment for Candy Cane is a place where there’s a warm climate all year round. If you have this climate where you are located, then you can grow these seeds anytime. But if you only have a few months of warm climate then you might as well start early after the cold winds are behind you.

But don’t worry, this strain is an autoflowering cannabis strain, therefore, it will flower fast and be ready for harvest even before the climate turns cold. But instead of relying on weather and climate, you can simply grow this indoors and save yourself all the hassle.

Indoor growing lets you monitor your Candy Cane plants. You will also be able to control indoor growing conditions like temperature, air pressure, humidity, and lighting and come up with improved yields.

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Another thing about growing indoors is you can check your plants for any conditions like pests, molds, and diseases and you can immediately act on any problem.

Train your plants early

Your Candy Cane plants can give high yields. But do you know that you can still improve yields by using Low Stress Techniques? One of these is to use a sea of the green method where all your plants are grown behind a screen. Only the colas are allowed to grow through it. This method allows light to illuminate all the parts of the plants and because of this, you can maximize the yield of your plants.

Topping and fimming also encourage more yields. These techniques cut the topmost cola to reveal two or four more structures that will double or quadruple yields. Topping and fimming are high stress techniques and therefore should be done with extreme caution.

Provide the best plant food

Autoflowering cannabis plants like Candy Cane require the best plant food for the best results. Now the ideal type of plant food depends on the stage of development your plants are in.

While your plants are in their growing or vegetative phase, these need food that contains more nitrogen. Nitrogen is an element that your plants need to grow healthy leaves, stems, and branches. Nitrogen is needed by your plants to grow healthy and strong.  Your Candy Cane plants need healthy and strong branches to hold its dense buds.

But during the flowering phase, your plants will cease to grow and will now concentrate all its energy in creating large and dense buds. The most important nutrients at this stage are phosphorous and potassium, therefore, you must feed your plants plant food rich with phosphorous and potassium and with very low nitrogen.  

Stealth growing

Because of Candy Cane’s small and compact structure, it is mostly used for stealth growing. Growers appreciate that this strain will still deliver huge yields despite its size which is why it’s perfect for growing in small, compact spaces.

And if you must grow your Candy Cane marijuana seeds and plants in small spaces, be kind. Make sure that these get the best growing environment, check for mold and mildew and water only when necessary.

Be sure to check for smells too. Growing in a small, tight environment usually enhances the smell of plants. You can use fans to remove the smell as well as carbon filters to completely eradicate odors.

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