10 Things You Didn’t Know About Candy Cane Strain

candy cane cannabis seeds

With all of the different types and strains of cannabis out there, it can be difficult to find the one that fits your discriminating taste. Speaking of taste, some of the best strains in the market today are mostly defined by their flavor. Some have that classic herby weed taste while others have defined fruity flavors like Candy Cane cannabis seeds. There are those that smell and taste like pungent fuel and there are some that have that defined zesty touch.

But, when it comes to taste, the sweetness is the name of the game if you want a strain that is on top in the flavor game. And if you are looking for cannabis plants that can develop the sweetest buds, look no further than the renowned Candy Cane cannabis seeds.

As popular a strain as Candy Cane is, you might not know everything about it aside from its sweetness. Here are some things you might not have known about this delightful treat:

1. It is 70% indica

When you think of sweet fruity strains, the ones that usually pop into your head are the sativas that come from tropical countries. But, as sweet as Candy Cane is, it is actually an indica-dominant strain. As you might have guessed, the remaining 30% forms its sativa side. This means that Candy Cane cannabis seeds has the body relaxing effects that indicas are known for.

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2. It comes from three popular strains

Candy Cane itself is a popular strain because of its heritage. It is the result of the crossbreeding of three of the world’s most popular marijuana strains. The first parent is the AK-47, a hybrid known for its euphoric kind of buzz. The second is Mango, which is popular for its sweet tropical mango fruitiness. The last one is White Widow, a hybrid that has become a household name in many coffee shops in the Netherlands.

3. This is an award-winning strain

Need we say more? You can judge the quality of a strain based on its awards. And when it comes to Candy Cane, it has won not just one but multiple awards since it was first introduced to the market. That says a lot about how popular and good this strain is.

4. The THC levels are somewhere between 15% and 20%

Not all cannabis buds are created equal even though they may be of the same strain. In that sense, Candy Cane does not always have consistent THC levels but you can expect it to be moderately potent. Its THC levels can range from 15% to 20%. That means that it isn’t the strongest strain out there but you can still expect somewhat of a hit from this popular strain. In that sense, it is great for both beginners and experienced users.

5. The effects can hit rather quickly

Candy Cane might surprise you with its fast-acting high. Unlike some other indica strains, which tend to have slow-hitting effects, this strain will begin to manifest itself in only a few seconds after the first toke. And because Candy Cane can be potent with its 20% THC levels, the experience might come at you more intense than what you might have expected.

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6. You will feel the effects in your head first

While the norm among indica-dominant strains is that they are more pronounced in the body as far as effects are concerned, Candy Cane can have a somewhat different approach in the sense that it tends to hit the mind first. The effects come at you rather quickly and will make you feel a euphoric buzz in your head before it makes its way to the rest of the body.

This is due in large part to how Candy Cane can also act as a hybrid despite its indica-dominant identity. During this time, you will feel thoughts racing into your head like crazy as you might feel the need to lie back and let your mind do its thing.

7. It has a lot of medicinal qualities

Because Candy Cane is a good hybrid, it actually has a lot of medicinal qualities that come from its terrific mix of indica and sativa effects. First off, the indica buzz sets a relaxing effect that tends to ease your body of all of its bodily aches and pains. That same effect blends well with the sativa side to promote a euphoric and happy feeling in both the mind and body.

It will eventually help you deal with any stressful and depressing thoughts racing through your head.

Of course, like any good indica-dominant strain, the sedative-like effects are great for helping your entire body relax and feel heavy to the point that it becomes great at fighting off any sleep-related issues or illnesses.

8. This strain is famous for its aroma and flavor

What use is the Candy Cane’s name if it did not have the candy-like features that its name suggests? Well for starters, its buds will hit you with a strong and pungent kind of skunkiness that may put some people off at first.

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However, this slowly turns into a delectable kind of sweetness that seems delicious in an exotic kind of way. The taste is even more flavorful as it hits you with a menthol candy kind of flavor in your throat. This eventually transitions into the mango sweetness it is popular for.

9. It is an autoflowering strain

Yes, you read that right. Candy Cane is an autoflowering strain. That means that it will flower regardless of the number of light or dark hours it gets. Even if you leave the light on for 24 hours, it will still transition automatically from the vegetative state to the flowering stage.

This also means that Candy Cane is a terrific and easy strain to grow as you do not have to worry about any real issues that might arise throughout its lifetime. Expect it to be highly resistant to most diseases and adverse conditions. And the best part is that the plant gives off a terrific scent that makes it ideal for stealthy growers.

10. The harvests are surprisingly generous

Autoflowering strains are not known for being generous plants but Candy Cane is different. This strain tends to develop big buds and will more than likely end up with an abundant yield regardless of where you grow it (though you might see better results if you grow it outdoors). You can expect it to grow and flower in about seven weeks as this strain is also known for being able to flower quicker than most.

Candy Cane seeds can be your cannabis seeds of choice if you want a good all-around strain that not only tastes and smells good but also carries great effects that anyone can appreciate.

Moreover, you cannot overstate how great of an experience growing this cannabis strain is since it probably won’t give you much of a problem. It might not be the perfect plant out there but it is as close as any strain can be if you want a cannabis strain that can fit almost any situation and any kind of demand from both its users and growers.


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