Is it Possible to Clone Autoflowering Strain?

can you clone autoflowering strains

Growers and breeders asking “Can you Clone Autoflowering Strains?”, though it is often said that auto-flowering marijuana strains can’t be cloned. If they consider that cloning a strain is not an easy job and economically helpful way to grow cannabis. Cloning marijuana plants is a very interesting process. It requires cutting from the “mother” plant and utilize this cutting to cause an absolutely independent and new plant. The cloned marijuana plant will share the same genetics to its mother where she got cloned.

This only means that cloning cannabis strain is a very good way for marijuana growers to maintain the genetic from the specific strain they like. The newly cloned cannabis will share all of these original features, from the way it produces to the way it tastes. 

Cloning marijuana plants are also economically attractive to many breeders. It only means that they don’t have to keep purchasing cannabis seeds in order to get the same strain with the same genetics; rather they can just cut from the much-loved plant within their plant and make exactly the same plant. With these benefits, growers should use this technique in growing cannabis. Although the process has a lot of limitations. 

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One of the important limitations in cloning is that autoflowering strain can be quite difficult, although it’s not impossible to clone it successfully. Considering that autoflowering variation has a lot of advantages than the traditional strains, such as rapid growth time, and dense sizes, this may put a lot of breeders off from cloning strains altogether. On the other hand, this can be done but will be a waste of time for the breeders. 

The Difference Between Photoperiodic Strains and Autoflowering Strains 

To know why breeders don’t see the impressive outcome when they attempt to clone the autoflowering cannabis strains, we need to see what it is that makes this breed plants away from the rest. Although the autoflowering does exactly what it names says- that they bloom flowers automatically exactly on time, rather than photoperiod strains that flowers based on the environmental factors. 

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Photoperiodic plants need a change in the volume of light they are receiving every day in order to go from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase. 

This distinction is mainly due to advancement differences. Autoflowering strains are well known to have developed in the northern region part of the world where there is less sunlight all over the year. This led them to grow the ability to grow flowers automatically over a period of time. 

This characteristic makes them very attracted to the new grower who doesn’t have to go to the duty of changing the light cycle in order to begin the flowering and records a fortunate yield of high-quality buds. 

Photoperiod strains developed closer to the quarter. In growing indoors, they need a light cycle change that reproduces the approaching autumn and inspires them to march towards seeding and flowering before the weather change and becomes too bad for them to survive. 

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What Does It Mean for Cloning? 

What does the genetic difference mean when cloning the marijuana plants? This means that every characteristic of the mother plant is taken away it‘s cut or cloned. 

As cloning is done, the mother plants will continue to its flowering phase, regardless of its development and the size. This autoflowering strains usually end up being the smaller size and have to underdevelop specimens with a small yield to produce. 

Photoperiodic varieties are higher when it comes to cloning. The cutting is done during the vegetative stage and the light cycle remains, it will have the chase to flourish and grow within the vegetative stage. Online if the plants have reached and perfect sized.  

Can you clone autoflowering strains? 

It was said that a lot of breeders claim to have successfully cloned their autoflowering strains. So cloning an autoflowering strains is really possible, but the cloned plant will surely not as perfect as the mother strain.

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