Can you Buy Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts Legally?

can you buy marijuana seeds in massachusetts

Massachusetts had already lifted the ban against usage and possession of marijuana and it is officially legalized in the state. You can smoke and carry weed without worrying about strict codes and penalty fees. For those aspiring growers who wanted to purchase and cultivate marijuana seeds for recreational or medical use and who often asks can you buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in Massachusetts?’, it is now completely legal in Massachusetts.

How can you Buy Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts Legally

No matter where you reside in Massachusetts, you can legally possess or buy your stash of cannabis seeds, most especially variants of medical marijuana. Several states in the US have already adopted the legalization laws of marijuana, which gives Americans the freedom to purchase, own, distribute, and grow marijuana seeds. One of the entities which have been advocating the legalization of marijuana in Boston is Beantown Greentown.

Whether you want to grow marijuana for industrial or medicinal use, you can legally possess it, though there are still areas where purchasing is legal but cultivating is restricted. You can buy and use the plant. You can also grow it in your home within certain limits.

Can you Buy Marijuana Seeds in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, you can get marijuana seeds from various sources. The best place to get fresh medical marijuana is usually in dispensaries or you can also go online and browse for seed banks, and scroll through an endless collection of marijuana seeds. All you need to do is choose the product you want to purchase, place your order, and that will be delivered straight to your home within a few days.

Dispensaries in Massachusetts

More dispensaries are starting to open up in Massachusetts for recreational use. With approval from the Cannabis Control Commission, new pot shops have started operations in different areas of the state. Most of them are situated in locations that are easy to access and you don’t have to drive hours to reach them.

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However, with an increasing demand for marijuana, shop owners have taken a break since customers have purchased more than the available supply. This temporary setback allowed the vendors to strategize on how they could cater to the needs of their customers, without overstepping the law.

Below are the lists of top dispensaries that are operating in Massachusetts.

Cultivate. Cultivate cannabis was one of the pioneer dispensaries in Massachusetts. Situated in Leicester, this dispensary is open starting from 8 am to 10 pm. They have an on-site parking space, which is reserved for its adult-use clients and medical marijuana patients. They accept several modes of payment including debit cards and cash. They have no purchase limit which is perfect for those who want to stack up on their weed stash at home.

New England Treatment Access (or NETA). NETA is located in Northampton and is open from 8 am to 10 pm every day, including holidays. It is one of the first pot shops that opened in Massachusetts. The dispensary offers on-site parking and free customer slots for its neighboring business establishments. NETA accepts debit/credit cards and cash. You can buy a maximum of 10 pre-rolled joints and one ounce of strain.

Alternative Therapies Group (or ATG). Located in Salem, ATG operates from 9 am to 6:45 pm, seven days a week. It doesn’t have any purchase limit, which is beneficial for pot enthusiasts. ATG learned from its other counterparts that traffic is such a bad feature for business, and they make sure that this is avoided in their store.

Customers need to set an appointment first before they visit the dispensary, however, they also accept walk-in customers. ATG offers free shuttle services during Sundays, Saturdays, and Fridays. They only accept cash as payment, but they have an ATM in their store for those who don’t have cash.

Verilife. Verilife is located in Wareham. This dispensary operates from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm every day. With a purchase limit of half-ounce of strain and three other products for every transaction, Verilife caters to adult customers who are looking for high-quality cannabis products. They have an on-site ATM and only accept cash as their mode of payment.

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Insa. Insa is located in Easthampton and it has a designated parking space for its customers. They are open from 10 am to 8 pm every day and they operate mostly for medical patients. What’s great about Insa is they offer different methods of payment including cash, CanPay, and debit cards. You can purchase a maximum of two pre-rolled joints and one-quarter ounce or lower per transaction.

Theory of Wellness. Situated in Great Barrington, Theory Wellness devotes its dispensary in providing small batches of premium quality cannabis products. They operate from Mondays to Sundays, starting from 10 am to 7 pm. They have no purchase limit and they take pride in their spacious on-site parking lot. They are a recreational and medical dispensary that accepts cash and debit cards as payment.

Temescal Wellness. Operating in Pittsfield, Temescal Wellness is open every Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and on Sunday from 12:00 noon to 5 pm. They boast a no purchase limit policy and they only accept cash. They are a medical marijuana dispensary that has more than 100 parking spots on their site.

Northeast Alternatives. Northeast Alternatives is located in Fall River. Business hours start from 10 am to 9 pm on Mondays to Saturdays and 12:00 noon to 9 pm on Sundays. Before, this dispensary used to require an online appointment for their customers. This is because they don’t want overloaded parking and traffic on their site. However, with improved parking space, they now accept walk-in customers and impose a no purchase limit policy. Their mode of payments includes cash and credit card.

Sanctuary Medicinals. Located in Gardner, Sanctuary Medicinals operates Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 7 pm. During Sundays, they cater to customers starting at 11 am up to 4 pm. This dispensary also faces traffic and parking issues due to a large number of customers.

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They require an online appointment to make their transactions hassle-free. Customers need to have a valid ID that will prove that they are at least 21 years old to enter the dispensary. But for medical patients that are already registered on their site, they can show up in the store as a walk-in customer.

Caroline’s Cannabis. Caroline’s Cannabis is located at Uxbridge. They are open every day starting from 10 am to 10 pm. According to Caroline Frankel, the owner of the dispensary, they have a total of 50 parking spaces on their location and they are planning to establish free shuttle rides for their customers.

Caroline’s Cannabis is the first-ever pot shop owned by a woman. It is a “mom and pop” store that sells garden products, cannabis-themed home décor, and wide varieties of marijuana products. They accept payments in cash, credit/debit card, and CanPay.

Berkshire Roots. Berkshire Roots is a medical marijuana dispensary that offers different medical marijuana products. They are located at 501 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield and they are open every Mondays to Sundays from 10 am to 7 pm. Their medical sales are available on Wednesdays and Saturdays starting at 9 am. It boasts a wide parking space for its customers and it has a reserved parking spot and special register for medical patients. Presently, the company accepts payment in different forms including credit or debit cards, and cash. They have no purchase limit.


Massachusetts truly embraced its legal cannabis laws, providing freedom for its citizens to cultivate, purchase, and grow marijuana, answering the perennial question – can you buy marijuana seeds in Massachusetts. A large number of dispensaries and pot shops offer a sufficient supply of cannabis in the area. For users and patients who wanted to buy their supply of marijuana, these dispensaries are always ready to provide from Mondays to Sundays. Some require an online appointment but most of them accept walk-in customers. Apart from that, a different mode of payments is also available for each dispensary. Accessing cannabis has never been this easy.

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